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Hurricane Impact Doors

Can your doors withstand Category 1-5 hurricanes?

Hurricanes can reach sustained winds of over 150 mph. This kind of pressure could blow out your doors and cause interior damage to your home or business. To make matters worse, extreme pressure can cause structural damage to your home.

You need impact-tested entry and garage doors, ones which are proven to protect against Southwest Florida’s worst weather.


Impact-Tested Hurricane Doors

Unlike traditional doors, our hurricane doors are composed of thick fiberglass or aluminum facings, paired with wood and composite reinforcements.

Specially designed and supported hinges and frames separate our products from the average entry or garage door. These impact doors have been put under some extreme tests— such as launching 2x4, 9 pound building studs, slam tests and similar simulations— to prove their durability.

If all of that wasn’t enough, all of our doors boast the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, complying with Florida building codes and guaranteeing improved safety. In addition, they offer a long list of added benefits, such as noise reduction, improved energy-efficiency, UV protection and more.


Our Hurricane Impact Doors

We partner with trusted brands— such as ThermaTru, CGI and Origin— to offer a full line of hurricane-safe doors, including:

Hurricane-Safe Fiberglass Entry Doors

Many of our fiberglass doors mimic the rich wooden look you love, only with extra longevity and protection. These entry doors have been specially engineered to withstand the force of flying objects and won’t warp or rot like real wood.

The best part about fiberglass doors are their long list of customizable features, such as colors and decorative glass, combining security with style. Paired with our attractive composite jambs, trim and stainless steel hinges, they offer the safety you need without sacrificing curb appeal.

Storm-Resistant Aluminum Entry Doors

Our aluminium impact doors— like our PGT hurricane doors— include weather-stripping and interlocking rails to keep wind and water out, while still ensuring air conditioning and heating stay in. Plus, every aluminum frame is mechanically fastened for added strength.

No need to worry about wear either, as our doors comes with corrosion-resistant hardware, promising long-term durability. Like our fiberglass entry doors, our aluminum options are available in many contemporary looks.

Weather-Proof French & Sliding Doors

Here in Florida, we love to let that sunshine in! But when mother nature beckons, it’s pertinent to ensure these large glass panes can withstand the elements. Our glass products— like our CGI French or sliding doors— won’t shatter like traditional glass.

Impact doors and windows contain a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between two slabs of glass, acting like an adhesive. Even if these incredibly strong windows crack, the glass will remain inside and its structure maintained. To top it off, they’re available in many elegant styles.

Heavy-Duty Garage Doors

Your garage doors take up a large expanse of space, and if torn off or damaged, could expose all of the contents within: your car, lawn equipment and more! To defend against Florida hurricanes, you need some commercial-grade protection.

Our storm-resistant garage doors— like our line from SIW— are available in stunning combinations of glass and aluminum. These aluminum frames carry three times the strength of vinyl and come with various glazes and styles.

Having trouble deciding? Explore the differences between our hurricane doors.

Combine beauty and strength with hurricane doors, today. Give us a call at (239) 567-9772 or fill out this form to protect your home or business with Storm Solutions.


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Well done and thank you, Storm Solutions.

Large job with Cat 5 doors, windows and sliders installed by Storm Solutions. Professional, timely, superb installation (even noted by inspector), excellent products and actually a very pleasant experience. Haven't had that in a very long time. Well done and thank you, Storm Solutions. Start and end with them! -
Gail J

Protect Your Home's Entryway

Impact Doors, whether garage or front door, bring an innovative alternative to the door market and keep your home safe. With the fiberglass entry door line, you can combine beauty and strength in your front door. Fiberglass doors, combined with composite jambs, trim and stainless steel hinges, will give your home curb appeal for many years to come.

Contact Storm Solutions today and discover which impact protection doors are right for you.

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