3 Types of Interior Window Coverings in Fort Myers, FL

With the right window coverings, you can take a home interior from looking bland and incomplete to stylish and attractive. But there are many different ways to ritz up the windows in your home in Fort Myers, FL. Here are three types of interior window coverings and how they can improve your home:


Blinds and shutters each have slats that can move into either an open or a closed position, letting in sunlight or blocking it out. They typically hang from the top of a window, and you can slide them up or down with a cord or turn the slats using a tilt wand. Shutters are larger, attach to the sides of a window, stay fixed in place and you must tilt the slats manually.


Like blinds, you can raise or lower shades using a cord. Unlike blinds, though, shades don’t use slats. Instead, they cover your window with fabric — often fabric with quite ornate decorations.

Shades can drape down over a window from above, or they can move from the bottom up. Some even reside in the middle of a window, and you can use your cord to expand them either upward or downward.

Drapes or Curtains

Drapes or curtains hang from a bar positioned some distance above your window and fall from below. The bar usually passes through a series of hoops or holes in the top of the curtain, allowing you to slide them in either direction, covering or opening your window as you please. As with shades, they come in many different design styles.

With the hurricanes and other storms that often hit Fort Myers, FL, you’ll need windows that both look pretty and can withstand an impact. Whatever you need, whether in the aesthetic or the practical area, we can help you. Just call Storm Solutions, Inc and ask for any of our various window-related services.

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