How Summertime Temps Affect the Windows in Your Home

Given the often high summertime temperatures in Naples, FL, staying cool may be challenging. Your windows are among the most important tools you have to achieve this goal, but heat can damage them as well. Here are a few significant ways that summertime temperatures can affect the windows in your home:

Heat Transfer

As sunlight beams down on your windows, it’ll make them hot. Gradually, that heat will radiate through your home and elevate interior temperatures slightly. Sunlight and heat may also damage your window panes by breaking down the chemical bonds in the glass and causing discoloration.

Sunlight will also warm up your home directly and can make your HVAC system work harder. To mitigate this problem, you may want to invest in interior window coverings.

Expansion and Cracking

Glass expands in response to heat. On an especially hot day, your window panes can slightly balloon out.

This may not be an issue if your windows are still relatively new, but as they age, the likelihood increases that serious consequences will follow from this expansion. Expanding panes may bend or warp your window frames, for example, and it may not be possible to return them to normal without significant repairs or maintenance. In more advanced cases, the pressure from both the expansion and the surrounding frame may crack your window panes.


If the heat has affected your window’s seals, caulking or alignment, several things can happen. It may cause gaps to form between the windowsill and window frame, making your windows less efficient. This can affect your indoor air quality, allow bugs into your home and impact your HVAC system.

Sunlight and summer heat can slowly threaten the integrity of your windows. For assistance, call Storm Solutions, Inc to request our professional window replacement services in Naples, FL.

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