How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger With Glass and Mirrors

Does your house in Fort Myers, FL, have small rooms you wish were bigger? Although you can’t change the square footage of these small rooms — at least not without tearing down walls — you can make any room look bigger with glass and mirrors.

Install a Floor-Length Mirror to a Wall

You don’t need to go crazy and add a wall of mirrors to the room to get the spacious effect you want. All you need is a beautiful floor-length mirror placed on a wall directly across from a window. The mirror’s reflective surface duplicates many parts of the room, making it appear larger. When positioning the mirror on the wall, make sure to install it vertically for the greatest effect.

Install Glass Doors

You might feel weird about installing a glass door in your bedroom or bathroom because of privacy issues. However, if you have a small room used as an office or even a great room with solid walls, adding a glass door can open up the space and make it appear larger. If the room has an outside wall and your budget allows, consider installing a bifold glass door that leads onto a patio or deck. Working with professional glass door installers is a great way to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Why Glass and Mirrors Work Best

You might not have enjoyed physics in school, but it’s the science that makes glass and mirror installations so effective. Mirrors cause light to bounce back to the object the light shines from, often a window. Also, the reflection you see in the mirror is a duplicate of the room, instantly tricking the eye to make it think the room is bigger. Adding a glass door doesn’t have the same reflective qualities as glass mirrors, but it opens up the space and encourages the eye to see further past the room.

If you’re interested in making a room look bigger with glass and mirrors, contact Storm Solutions, Inc today for more information. We have all the glass and mirror solutions you need to make your small indoor spaces feel bigger.

Image provided by flickr

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