4 Benefits of Pivot Entry Doors in Cape Coral, FL

Having a pivot entry door in Cape Coral, FL, allows you to create a grand entrance with a door that closes more smoothly than a traditional side-hinge door. If you’re considering buying pivot entry doors, read on to learn their benefits to see if they will match your wants and needs.

Impressive Entryway

Pivot doors can be wider and bigger than a traditional hinged door, making it easier to create a grand entrance. This can enhance your home’s curb appeal and give it a more contemporary look. It also makes it simpler to move large pieces of furniture and other items in and out of your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Pivot entry doors are often made from insulated materials, and they have tight seats. This helps to improve energy efficiency and reduce air leakage. Your home will be more comfortable due to the door promoting a more stable indoor temperature.

Versatile Design Options

You can find pivot entry doors in a range of finishes, configurations and materials, such as wood, glass and metal. This makes it easy to match your design preferences and the architectural style of your home. It’s also possible to fully customize your door so it’s unique to your home.

Enhanced Security

You can add extra security features, such as advanced locking mechanisms, to your pivot entry door. Between the door’s sturdy materials and these features, this can make your home safer and more difficult to penetrate.

Pivot entry doors offer a combination of functionality, durability and contemporary design. The key is to ensure proper installation so that you can enhance the security and aesthetic of your home. Call Storm Solutions, Inc to explore your pivot entry door options and schedule your installation. We’ll ensure the door you choose will enhance your home.

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