3 Benefits of Hurricane Panels in Estero, FL

In Estero, FL, hurricanes and similar extreme weather events are always a risk. The forecast for the 2024 hurricane season predicts even more and stronger storms than usual. For that reason, you can’t afford to not think about investing in hurricane panels. The following are three important benefits that hurricane panels can bring to your home:


Living in Estero, FL, poses a risk of getting hit by hurricanes. A sufficiently powerful storm can hurl debris, shatter your windows, rip power lines loose and cause untold levels of destruction in the area where it strikes. A set of sturdy hurricane shutters can help protect you from these hazards and increase the probability that you will walk away uninjured.

Lower Insurance Costs

The threat of hurricanes and tropical storms makes homeowners insurance and flood insurance non-negotiable. The more damage that a particular storm wreaks on your home, the more your insurance company will need to pay to restore things to normal.

Conversely, safeguards like storm shutters will somewhat decrease the risks involved and leave your insurance company with less to do when the time comes to clean up. Hence, buying storm shutters may earn you insurance discounts.

Increasing Your Home’s Value

If, during any given year, your home is likely to stand somewhere in the path of an oncoming hurricane, that’s going to have a negative impact on the building’s value. For obvious reasons, not everyone wants to risk living in a building that storms might sweep away or destroy, and property values will reflect that fact.

However, if you have the foresight to get some hurricane panels and prepare for rough weather, your home’s value may rise as a result. Whether you decide to buy accordion shutters, Bahama shutters or shutters of any other style, your home will consequently become a safer and more valuable place.

Hurricane panels are a prudent investment. With them, you’ll have a buffer against uncertainty in Estero, F,L and will live a more secure life. Call Storm Solutions, Inc and equip your home with high-quality hurricane panels today.

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