5 Benefits of a Glass Shower Enclosure in Fort Myers, FL

If you want your bathroom in Fort Myers, FL, to have a modern touch, consider adding a glass shower enclosure. These sleek fixtures bring a contemporary aesthetic that elevates nearly any bathroom. Glass showers do a lot more than just look good.

Higher Resale Value

Many potential home buyers look for modern touches in homes of any age, and glass shower enclosures certainly fit the bill. Investing in one makes your home more alluring to new owners, and it should bring your resale value up a notch. The modern look and feel of them aligns with current design trends.


Glass shower enclosures also provide a level of safety not afforded by traditional showers. Water can slide down or get around shower curtains and create a slip-and-fall opportunity, which puts you and everyone in your family at risk. Glass-enclosed showers have tight seals that retain the moisture inside the fixture where it goes down the drain.

Easy Upkeep

One of the best things about glass and mirror options is the minimal maintenance involved. Glass-enclosed showers don’t have sliding doors or shower curtains that require much cleaning, and protective coating options help avoid water and soap stains. If you choose something with tempered glass, you have a much lower risk of cracks and scratches.

Enhanced Design

A shower might save space in a bathroom, but a glass shower enclosure can also help the room feel bigger. When light comes through the glass, the entire space opens up visually. This has a potentially dramatic effect in what’s often the smallest room in most homes.


Highlight your personal style with the right customizations and options. Clear glass lends itself nicely to an airy, open vibe, but you can opt for patterned glass if you want visual privacy. Accent your shower with a framed door and choose from many different finishes for just the right pop.

When the time comes to renovate your bathroom or build a new one, think about a glass shower enclosure for customization, a feeling of more space, easy upkeep, safety and better resale value. Your bathroom should help you get ready for the day or unwind after it’s done. Contact Storm Solutions, Inc to learn more about our glass shower enclosures.

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