4 Ways That Windows and Doors Affect Home Value in Naples, FL

Many factors go into determining the value of your home in Naples, FL, including your doors and windows. While you may know about the importance of location, square footage and other elements, you may not realize that windows and doors play huge roles in determining your home’s value. Here are four ways that these common features factor into your property’s value:

Storm Safety

Since hurricanes are a common threat in Naples, FL, no one will want to live in a house that can’t withstand a beating from a severe storm. Hurricane windows are made to withstand Category 5 winds; impact-resistant windows do a better job of resisting flying objects. Impact-resistant doors are designed to keep you safe when storms hit and protect you from wind and flying projectiles.

However, such add-ons won’t only increase your home’s value by transforming it into a safer place. By making your home less susceptible to storm damage overall, they’ll also leave less for you to clean up in the aftermath of rough weather.

Finally, with less property damage and less clean-up work to do, your insurance company will also have lower expenses, which may give you lower homeowner’s insurance premiums. Other things being equal, a sturdier and more secure house that’s easier to insure will be worth more than one without these qualities.

Protection Against Criminals

In addition to shielding you against natural disasters, the right kinds of windows and doors offer safeguards against intruders. Thick and tightly secured windows and doors can give you invaluable protection against break-ins by burglars and other criminals. Locks on windows and doors offer even more protection.

It’s worthwhile to mention hurricane shutters in connection with this topic. Not only can these wonderful items keep hurricane-force winds from shattering your windows, but they can also make it much more difficult for criminals to break into your home.

Again, a safer home is a more desirable home, and by extension, a more valuable one. This principle applies whether we’re talking about threats from the weather or intruders.

HVAC System Efficiency

Your windows and doors can indirectly affect your HVAC system’s overall efficiency, performance and longevity. Good windows and doors will help trap hot or cold air in your home, thus making it easier for your HVAC system to create either a warmer or a colder environment than the one prevailing outside.

Low-quality windows and doors, however, whether because they’re thin or because they have all manner of cracks or other openings in them, allow air, heat and UV rays to pass easily between the interior and exterior of your home. When that happens, your HVAC system will have to work harder to keep your home at your desired temperature, leading to higher energy bills and more stress on the system. The latter might lead to frequent HVAC repairs, which can ultimately cut your system’s service life short.

Peace and Quiet

A proper set of windows can stop unwanted noise from disturbing your tranquility just as well as it can ward off unwanted heat and help you stay cool. This can be an especially prized feature if any construction work is going on where you live or if your neighbors decide to throw a noisy outdoor party. You can say the same about certain kinds of doors.

A home should be a place where people can go to escape the cares of the world. If you can easily establish a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in your home, it’ll become all the more coveted.

Don’t treat the windows and doors in your home in Naples, FL, like afterthoughts. If you make the right choices concerning them, your home’s value can shoot up significantly. Call Storm Solutions, Inc and check out our great selection of windows and doors today.

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