How to Protect Your Home From Hurricanes in Fort Myers, FL

As residents know, a hurricanes can pass through Fort Myers, FL. By taking a few simple actions and getting a hold of some hurricane-resistant equipment, you can stay safe once things get wild. Here are five ways to protect your home against hurricanes:

Hurricane-impact Windows

Broken glass is one of the most serious hazards to contend with during a hurricane. Hurricane-force winds can pick up all sorts of debris and launch it at your windows, threatening to shatter them and send shards of glass flying everywhere and potentially hurting those gathered nearby. To minimize this danger, you’ll need some tougher-than-average windows.

Our hurricane-impact windows are perfect for that purpose. Made with multiple layers of heat-treated glass bound together with plastic, they can withstand winds that blow at speeds of well over 150 miles per hour and protect you and the inside of your home from flying projectiles. Since these windows won’t shatter on impact, you’ll also have quite a bit less cleaning up to do after the storm passes.

Less overall damage and less cleaning up after the fact are also good for your insurance company. Buying hurricane-impact windows can lead to lower insurance premiums. As an added bonus, our windows come with a 20-year factory warranty.

Hurricane Shutters for the Windows

As an alternative to impact windows, you can invest in hurricane shutters. These shutters cover your windows and can lock in place over them, though you can open and unlock them when you don’t need them. We can sell you hurricane shutters and panels in a variety of styles, including roll-down shutters that open and close vertically, accordion shutters that open and close horizontally, and Bahama shutters that open and close at an angle.

Impact-resistant Doors

Having sturdy doors is every bit as important as having tough windows if you know that violent weather might lie in your future. We have impact-resistant doors made of either fiberglass or aluminum. The former type looks like it’s made of wood but doesn’t warp, and we’ve designed the latter type to be especially resistant to corrosion.

If you prefer French or sliding glass doors, we also have hurricane-resistant doors in those styles. We even sell impact-resistant doors for your garage. All of them keep out wind and water, and they all come with 20-year factory warranties.

Backup Generators

When a hurricane hits, there’s always a chance that electrical wires will sustain damage and the power will go out in the chaos. Therefore, we strongly recommend buying a backup generator.

You’ll have to decide how big you want your generator to be and how much power you want it to provide. Larger and more powerful generators will be more expensive, but even portable ones will allow you to power key appliances in the immediate aftermath of a terrible storm. This way, as you clean up and utility providers work to restore power, you’ll be able to live as normally as possible.

To have your bases covered, you may want to consider getting a whole-house propane-powered generator. That would allow you to power your home regardless of the state of the electrical system after a storm.

Secure Everything and Make an Inventory

Even if you take all of the above precautions to ensure that winds won’t damage your home, it’s still possible that this will happen. Therefore, secure all loose objects so they don’t fly off or break, and inventory everything in your home. The latter action will make it easier to deal with your insurance company and recover what you lose.

Hurricane-force winds always pose a threat to both life and property. If you live around Fort Myers, FL, you shouldn’t take this threat lightly. Call Storm Solutions, Inc today and let us show you some of our hurricane-resistant windows and doors and help you prepare.

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