5 Benefits of Bahama Shutters in Fort Myers, FL

A term like “Bahama shutters” may conjure up images in your mind of glittering beaches on an island paradise. But it actually refers to an important tool that protects you against harsh weather. We know that all of Florida is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms, making Bahama shutters extremely useful. Although, they offer many other advantages as well. We’re going to go through just some of the benefits that Bahama shutters hold for you if you happen to live around Fort Myers, FL.

Protection Against Storms

A Bahama shutter is a type of slatted window shutter that attaches to the top of a window and opens by a pair of hatches. It slants downward at a 45-degree angle when it’s open.

Outside and just below your windowsill, there will be a set of locking brackets through which you’ll be able to pass some locking pins that serve to tightly fix each shutter in place. Thus, locked and sealed, they provide excellent protection against powerful winds. Since doing this completely seals the window opening, neither wind nor wind-borne debris will be able to fly into your home if the weather ever gets rough.

Although they’re sometimes made of wood, it;s more practical to purchase ones made of aluminum. Not only will they last longer overall, but they will also withstand stronger winds in case of a severe hurricane.

Easy Source of Shade

Thanks to the downward slant that these shutters maintain while open, they can block beams of oppressively hot sunlight while providing you with a simple source of shade. You can also adjust the angle at which Bahama shutters hang off their hinges, thus allowing you to set them in whatever way is necessary to block out or let in as much sunlight as you desire.

Climate Control and Energy Savings

By blocking out sunlight or letting in breezes, Bahama shutters give you some additional ability to control the climate in your home. This can be particularly useful if you seek to stay cool during Florida’s infamously sweltering summers.

A particularly important implication is that Bahama shutters provide a simple but effective way to take some of the pressure off your AC system. As a consequence, they can decrease your energy usage and utility bills at a time when you would expect such costs to be higher than average.

This can also decrease your expenses in another way. Since there will be less strain on your AC system if you have Bahama shutters, you’ll reduce the chances that it will break down as often or need repairs. You’ll end up paying less for both HVAC repairs and replacements.


When you close your Bahama shutters and roll down the slats, not only will no unwanted sunlight or wind get into your home, but no prying eyes will be able to see what’s going on inside either. Eavesdroppers can peep in through glass windows, even windows that have been tightly shut. With Bahama shutters on your windows, you can have privacy from the outside world whenever you want it.


Unlike some other hurricane panels, which can be bulky and obtrusive, Bahama shutters have a sleek look. Their peculiar style, unmistakably redolent of the tropics, fits right in with the overall vibe of Florida during the summer.

On top of that, you can also customize Bahama shutters in a variety of ways. For example, we offer customers a wide selection of different colors so that your Bahama shutters can nicely complement your home.

Bahama shutters are cool, stylish and especially useful in a place like Florida because they’ll allow you to handle storms with confidence year-round. Our team can install many different kinds of storm-resistant windows or doors for you at your request. Just call Storm Solutions, Inc today for a consultation regarding a set of Bahama shutters for your Fort Myers, FL, home.

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