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Accordion Shutters

Permanent Window Protection

Florida’s warm, sunny weather makes it a popular, tropical destination year-round. Unfortunately, that climate also comes with the very real threat of hurricane season. And as a resident of South Florida, you need to be prepared, whether storms hit or not. 

Traditional temporary options, like plywood, can be installed over your glass windows once a storm is confirmed to make landfall, however, they block essential daylight and your home will likely be without power before, during, and even long after the storm. They’re also difficult to install and remove. 

Ditch the plywood and invest in permanent hurricane protection with easy-to-install and maintain accordion shutters.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum

The stainless steel and aluminum materials that makeup accordion shutters offer exceptional protection during a storm. Both metals can withstand the high winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes, protecting your home from broken glass and damage to sliding doors. 

Plus, since the shutters are permanently secured with high-strength, storm-safe framing, they stand no chance against burglary attempts and can enhance your home’s security when deployed.

Let’s not forget maintenance. Rather than spending hours setting up plywood, one person can easily slide the shutters to the center and secure them together in the store. All other times, your hurricane shutters can be discreetly secured to the sides of your window, blending in with your home’s exterior and ready at a moment's notice.

Our Accordion Shutters

Here at Storm Solutions, we trust Bertha High Velocity (HV) shutters for our premiere Accordion shutter choice. These shutters are rated to protect your home against the strongest Category 5 hurricanes, meaning nothing will get past your defenses.

These heavy-duty aluminum alloy panels are available in four fantastic finishes, including White, Beige, Ivory, and Bronze. They also come in curved or radius track options for balconies and bay windows.

Choose from a variety of lock options, including:

  • HD stainless steel
  • Push button
  • T-handle

Looking for peace of mind before the next hurricane strikes? Allow our experts to meet with you and provide a free estimate on accordion shutters for your South Florida home.

Free In-Home Estimate 

FAQs About Accordion Shutters

If you’ve never purchased hurricane shutters before, read more about what makes them a smart storm solution:

How Does an Accordion Shutter Work?

Every accordion shutter has a stainless steel roller-carriage system that allows the shutter to be opened and closed with ease. The vertical blades on the shutter interlock as they slide horizontally along the shutter's track. To close the shutter, simply pull each curtain along the track until they meet in the center. Once they are secured in the center, turn the center handle and lock the shutters.

Opening the shutters after the storm is just as easy. Simply unlock the shutters and pull each curtain away from the center. Then, secure them to their respective sides to allow sunlight into the room.

How are Accordion Shutters Installed?

Accordion shutters are permanently installed on sliding glass doors and any style of window. Different options are available to accommodate different size windows and doors. Each shutter can have a center handle (inside or outside of the shutter) that utilizes a key lock to ensure the curtains stay closed during a storm.

How do I Maintain Accordion Shutters?

Accordion shutters can last for years and withstand many storms before they need to be replaced, as long as they are properly maintained. Fortunately, the required maintenance is low. 

This simple list will keep your accordion tracks in great condition year-round:

  • Keep tracks clean: Remove any dirt, salt, insects, pollen, and other debris that has built up in the tracks. Buildups such as these can prevent shutters from properly moving along the track.
  • Lubricate tracks and thumbscrews every six months: The tracks need lubrication in order to smoothly move shutters from one end of the track to the center. When you lube the tracks, apply clear, dry silicone lubricant to the thumbscrews to ensure you can easily remove the shutters' locking pins.
  • Wash tracks during the year: Wash tracks with warm water and gentle soap, like dish detergent. Be sure to clean the slates, hinges, and shutters. Do not use any abrasive pads.
  • Open and close shutters monthly: Moving the shutters to and from the center will keep your tracks clear. This also provides you an opportunity to look at all of the moving parts of your accordion shutters and observe anything broken that may require your attention. 

By following these simple maintenance tasks, you can have peace of mind that your accordion shutters will protect your home when the next hurricane makes landfall.

How Much do Accordion Shutters Cost?

The price of an accordion shutter depends on the metal, vertical slate size, and stacking options you select. When all of these options are considered, our accordion shutters average between $35 to $40 per square foot.