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PGT Products

Storm Solutions Offers the Full PGT Product Line

pgt-logo.jpgStorm Solutions' full line of PGT windows and doors include all popular styles, such as single hung windows, horizontal roller windows, casement/projected windows, picture and architectural windows, sliding glass and French doors. Design options include colonial and Brittany styles with optional mountings.

For Collier County, Lee County, and Charlotte County Gulf-front properties, several common types of glass used in PGT products provide a .45 Visible Light Transmittance value or less and therefore comply with requirements for new windows under the Sea Turtle Protection Code.


Choose from vinyl or heavy duty extruded aluminum painted with an electrostatic paint for a low maintenance finish. A minimum frame depth of 2 3/4 inches on windows and 5 1/8 inches on sliding glass doors, with a minimal nominal wall thickness of .062 aids the system in withstanding strong winds. Molded nylon anti-friction sash guides assure a smooth operation.

Performance Testing

Meets or exceeds all AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S.2-97 specifications

Passes ASTM E987 for deglazing

Passes ASTM E547/E331 for water resistance

Passes ASTM E283 for air infiltration

Operable windows pass AAMA 1302.5 and doors pass AAM 1303.5 for forced entry resistance

Meets protocols PA/TAS 201, 202 and 203

PGT Benefits

Long recognized for outstanding service, delivery and quality, when you buy PGT, you're getting more than a window or door. The company has been manufacturing windows in Southwest Florida for over 26 years. PGT’s expertise is in the details: Every product is custom-made to order, sized to fit your project perfectly with options that perform for your needs. We have a complete line of new construction and replacement products available in impact and non-impact options with aluminum and vinyl frames. We also serve the commercial market with our Architectural Systems product line. PGT’s stellar 99% on time delivery record means projects stay on schedule!

PGT’s innovation is unmatched. With Energy Star compliant configurations and product components such as the best performing warm edge spacer, they're committed to making a great window with great performance, such as Laminated Insulating Glass. Heat-reducing glass tints and hi-performance low-E selections reduce energy bills and protect furnishings, draperies and artwork from fading. Your energy bill decreases, which translates to less Carbon Dioxide emissions from the generation of electric power, thus your environmental impact is reduced.

WinGuard is the nation's most popular brand of impact-resistant windows and doors. It didn't just happen overnight, PGT has the most NOAs than any other manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors. In-fact we have been intimately involved in the testing standards for Miami-Dade County since their inception after Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida in 1992.

WinGuard has been used on over 2 million installations! And throughout the storm seasons of 2004-2005, there have been zero reported failures! Products are tested at much larger sizes than most manufacturers…that means when PGT sells a window or door, you're assured that it will perform, no guessing games here. And the same technology that protects you from hurricane debris proves to be a formidable challenge to intruders.

By purchasing locally made products, you encourage a healthy economy in which you live, and a nation in which you trust. PGT is proud to be a local Florida company with a quality American manufactured product.

If you would like to learn more about this or any other hurricane protection product, please allow us to schedule a free consultation at your convenience. Once you talk to the experts, your decision will be easy.