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Hurricane Panels


Store it ‘Til You Need it

As a Florida home or business owner, you know the importance of protecting your family or staff from hurricanes and storms. Bare windows risk the brute force of wicked winds and flying debris, and if shattered, can cause costly interior or structural damage. 

Hurricane shutters offer great glass protection, but these often permanently-affixed window treatments can distract from your outdoor aesthetic. Plus, for those looking for an affordable storm solution, panels are a significantly more cost-effective option.

Keep your hurricane panels stored safely away until hurricane season, then easily slide them into their tracks pre-storm. These durable coverings can save you the cost, time, and hassle of replacing your windows or installing shutters— all while offering the peace of mind and reliable storm protection you need.


Exceeding Miami-Dade NOA Standards

Because hurricane panels are often the most affordable window protection option, it’s no surprise some are poorly manufactured. Those seeking a cheap solution may opt for plywood coverings— which need to be replaced after each new storm and take several hours to install and remove. Even those who buy plastic-based panels are rolling the dice when it comes to safety if choosing an off-brand.

When it comes to protecting your loved ones from high-velocity hurricanes, it’s not the time to gamble with risky window treatments. That’s why here at Storm Solutions, we trust Eastern Metal Supply to manufacture strong Miami-Dade County compliant hurricane panels.

In fact, all our storm products meet— or exceed— Miami-Dade NOA (Notice of Acceptance) standards for Florida building codes. That means our product designs have passed rigorous simulation testing and have been proven to withstand the force of violent storm conditions experienced by our state, specifically.

Our Selection of Hurricane Panels

We’re proud to offer a full line of standard and custom-sized hurricane storm panels, available in three different materials:

  • Clear polycarbonate 
  • Steel, in a mill finish
  • Aluminum, in a mill or white finish

Not sure which is best for you? The steel panel is our least expensive hurricane shutter product meeting the current Florida Building and Dade County codes, while our aluminum is our top choice for its superior strength and durability. However, our most popular seller is our clear storm panels— a favorite for their protection while still allowing light in, as well as for a lightweight structure and ease of handling. Additionally, this polycarbonate panel can be arched to match windows, without losing the architectural design.

Each hurricane panel can be installed using a track or direct mount system, per your preference. 

Learn more about the benefits of hurricane panels on our blog. For questions about the best hurricane protection for your home or business, give us a call at (239) 288-2807 or fill out this form. We offer complimentary on-site estimates and would love to have a specialist recommend the best protection for your budget and needs.