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Will Hurricane Screens Protect You In Strong Winds?

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Nov 10, 2021 11:37:00 AM

Hurricane Screen Protection

Among the approved methods for protecting your home against hurricane-force winds, hurricane screens stand out as a solution that is economical, versatile, and highly effective. While you might be considering shutters or impact-resistant windows, screens offer protection that meets the strict Miami-Dade County requirements, while also offering you numerous benefits that other protective systems do not.

Here are nine facts about hurricane proof screens you should consider that just might convince you to put them between yourself and the next big storm: 


1. Hurricane Screens Can Be Made To Fit Any Structure You Need To Protect.

Unlike other protective barriers that are designed for square-shaped openings, hurricane screens are fabricated to fit arches, outer edges of porches, unique architectural openings, carports, walkways, porches, balconies, and other irregularly-shaped structures. They offer what architects refer to as "freedom of design," as they can be made to fit any structure you need to protect. Another plus is that they will not hide the lines of your structure when not in use, and they even come in different colors to fit the style of your home or building.


2. Hurricane Proof Screens Are Made of Lightweight Fabric.

Hurricane screens are made of patented polypropylene woven monofilament geotextile fabric and are attached to buildings with one of six different mounting systems. Some systems can be permanently mounted and then rolled or slid out of the way when not in use. Because the screens are made of light fabric, even systems that are not permanently mounted can be quickly deployed in the case of a storm.


3. Hurricane Screens Are Translucent.

While it might seem unnerving to view a storm at full force, these screens allow light to come through, which can help you feel less claustrophobic as the next hurricane moves through the state.

Although screens provide protection from rain and wind, they are not security products. Make sure you take proper measures to secure your home from any potential looting or other issues in the aftermath of a hurricane.


4. Hurricane Proof Screens Are Made To Withstand Impacts On Your Home.

Hurricane screens block 97% of wind and rain, and can also withstand a large missile impact with five times the force required by Miami-Dade County (NOA No. 08-1008.03). In addition, they have been field-tested in hurricane conditions since 2004, when they started during Hurricane Ivan. In that test, hurricane screens protected a condominium from six solid hours of wind-driven rain.


5. Screens Are Like "High-Tech Trampolines."

One of the reasons hurricane screens work so well is because they absorb the impact of flying debris. They distribute the wind and impact load across the entire screen and mounting points. They work as a high-tech, sideways-mounted trampoline over building openings, so that wind, rain, and other objects can bounce off of the screens they come in contact with. 


6. Hurricane Screens Provide More Freedom During the Storm.

When used to surround outdoor structures such as walkways, patios, balconies or courtyards, the screens protect outdoor furniture and equipment and allow building occupants the freedom to walk around, rather than being huddled in a corner. Besides offering protection, they give you a feeling of freedom in the face of a seemingly uncontrollable storm.


7. Hurricane Screens Are Easy Exit Points.

Electric shutters can trap you in your home if the power goes out if you are unable to successfully utilize the battery or manual backup options. But hurricane proof screens offer an easy exit point! Even if you had to break through them to escape, the replacement costs are lower than for shutters or glass.


8. Screens Are Easy To Deploy When Needed.

When you’re ready to deploy the screens, you can easily do so to protect your property. Experts note that, in the face of a storm, deploying the screens on a home takes one person about an hour. A large commercial building can be made storm-resistant with hurricane screens by a small crew of workers, in just a few hours.

Although the screens are simple to deploy, the initial installation is not a DIY job. Professional installation by experienced companies such as Storm Solutions is necessary, to ensure that mounting systems are correctly installed.


9. Hurricane Screens Are An Affordable Option.

Screen pricing falls in the low-to-moderate range, which makes hurricane screens an affordable option for large, open spaces. The screens are durable, low-maintenance, and favorably when compared to other types of shutters in terms of lifespan, warranty, and protection. 


For the Best in Hurricane Protection, Call Storm Solutions Today!

If you're searching for a solution to protect your Naples/Marco Island, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, or Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda home during the next hurricane season, consider the many benefits of hurricane screens. 

Even if you have impact windows or other forms of protection installed elsewhere on your property, hurricane screens can be a useful, cost-effective solution for parts of your yard you never thought you could protect. As authorized distributors of top-quality Armor Screens, Storm Solutions can show you how hurricane screens will calm your fears of hurricane damage. For more information, check out our website or contact Storm Solutions today at 239-431-3190.

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