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Why Winter is the Best Time to Have Your Hurricane Windows & Doors Serviced

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Dec 7, 2020 8:30:00 AM

why-winter-is-the-best-time-to-have-your-hurricane-windows-doors-servicedIt’s always those pesky annual appointments we forget about or avoid: your yearly physician, dentist or eye doctor check-in, your car inspection, etc. Why would your annual window service inspection be any different?

But we’re here to urge you to not procrastinate on your annual storm window maintenance check this year, with some convincing arguments as to why the hurricane off-season is the best time to book it.

1. You’re not rushed.

The Atlantic hurricane season that affects Florida officially begins in June and runs through November 30, according to The Florida Climate Center. That means that throughout the summertime into late fall, you’re susceptible to our state’s inclement hurricane weather. 

Don’t wait until storm season is in full force to check for repairs you may need. If your home is compromised during a storm, you may have to deal with costly water intrusion issues or larger-scale interior hurricane damage. Even if you catch the problem a day or two before the storm, it’s often too late to repair or install hurricane shutters, impact windows, hurricane screens, hurricane-resistant garage doors and other protective devices.

You also don’t want to be in a position to panic just days before the storm, scrambling for dwindling supplies to rig up a temporary storm solution because you didn’t follow-through on your annual inspection and maintenance appointment. Book it early between January and May. 

2. Seasonal residents can be there during the inspection.

Many Florida residents are seasonal and come for our state’s calmest, most beautiful months. In fact, most snowbirds have already returned to their northern homes by the time hurricane season hits. At this point, your home-away-from-home is “out of sight, out of mind,” but that doesn’t mean bad things can’t happen while you’re away. If anything, it’s more important than ever to make sure the place is protected while you’re thousands of miles away and can’t double-check everything before the next big storm sweeps in. 

Since your chances of being at your Florida home are higher during the off-hurricane season, why not bring in the maintenance crew while you’re there to observe their job well done? This way you can talk face-to-face about any necessary repairs— and are able to physically verify that what they claim is accurate and not a deceitful upsell to pad their pockets. 

Check out our article on Things to Look for in an Impact Window Repair Company to ensure you’re choosing wisely, should any fixes are brought to your attention. Also, before you make any DIY repairs, here are five important things to do!

3. Maintenance prices may be lower.

Now we’re talking! Off-season maintenance checks can be less costly, since there’s no need for rushed services like 24-hour emergency repairs— which while some installers (like us!) do offer, isn’t the smartest option for your wallet. 

During peak hurricane season when storms are imminent, companies that sell, install, repair, and maintain hurricane products can command premium prices due to the high demand. During January through May, you can shop for deals and the best prices with less fear of being scammed or overcharged. 

4. You have time to consider upgrades.

Maybe this is the year when you want to replace your garage door, swap out your fixed Bahama hurricane shutters for impact-resistant glass windows, or install retractable awnings. Or, you might want to enclose a room or screen in your lanai to keep the bugs away. 

In the off-season, you have time to evaluate your options, get professional advice and pricing, and have the work done now so you can enjoy the benefits all year. No one likes rushing big decisions! Since upgrading windows, shades, or shutters can cost thousands of dollars, it makes sense to research and pick the best brand for you. 

5. Good, quality help is readily available.

Don’t like the company who installed your hurricane windows or doors the first time around? Calm weather allows you to take your time shopping for better service providers— to make sure you are getting the skill and professionalism you can rely on when it counts. 

You have a few weeks to look at vendor websites, check Angie's list and Better Business Bureau reports, and make a few reference calls. Because you’re not calling your top choice during their busy season, it’s much more likely they can take you on as a new customer. 

6. You could improve your energy savings.

We all want to save on expensive, air-conditioning bills. 

Upon inspection, a storm solutions provider can make recommendations for improving your current energy-efficiency. For instance, they may suggest replacing your aluminum window frames with vinyl for its improved insulation properties. Or, they may recommend adding a UV blocker film to your windows, knowing that the right tint could lower your electric bill by up to 30%! While these improvements require an initial upfront cost, they’re sure to pay for themselves through electricity cost savings in the years to come. 

Don’t Wait! Off-Season is the Time to Initiate

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Don’t just take our word for it. Read our articles to see what sets us apart from other providers in the Sunshine State:

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