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Why PGT Windows are Great Year-Round

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Oct 18, 2017 1:50:44 PM

As Southwestern Floridians, when we talk about impact windows, we are mostly thinking about hurricane protection. PGT windows are, of course, fantastic hurricane protection, but they offer much more than safety from winds and debris. Read on as we share more about why PGT windows are a great choice, no matter the weather.

Intrusion Protection

Did you know that breaking through a glass window is the most common mode of entry for break-in attempts? As PGT windows protect your home from potential strong winds and flying debris during hurricane season, they also provide protection from breakage by would-be intruders.

The glass in PGT’s WinGuard impact windows is made up of three layers— two layers of glass and a super strong clear layer that gets sealed between the glass layers. That durable clear interlayer, combined with the special silicone glazing technique used to attach the glass to the frame, keeps the window in place even when a projectile makes an impact – whether thrown by the winds of a storm or the hands of an intruder.

Protection From the Elements

We all know the sun shines down on our beautiful Southwest Florida coast 265 days of the year – for many of us, those warm, sunny days are why we call this area home. But that same tropical sunshine can wreak havoc on your furniture, window treatments, flooring, and artwork, causing fading and discoloration. That same warm sun that comes streaming through your traditional windows also sends your energy bills rising thanks to the subtropical heat.

PGT offers windows that filter 99% of UV rays, helping guard your furnishings and flooring from sun damage. PGT Windows also offers a variety of Energy Star rated windows with high performance glass, specialized Low-E coatings and tints that help reduce the incoming heat from the sun, and in turn reduce your energy bills. Better yet, purchasing Energy Star rated windows may make you eligible for a tax credit under the Energy Tax Incentive Act of 2005.

Safe From Sound

What do airports, sound studios and a home with PGT impact-resistant windows have in common? They all use laminated glass. The “sandwich” of glass and strong, clear composite material absorbs sound rather than carrying it like standard windows do. This keeps disruptive, distracting ambient noise out. In fact, laminated glass windows can reduce ambient noise by as much as 30%.

Innovative Design Features

True, PGT windows offer constant protection from storms, intrusions, UV rays, high energy bills and annoying outside noises, but that’ not the end of their innovative product design. ComfortLift handles offer fingertip operation when closing and opening the window, TrueHold hinges keep your casement windows working smoothly and effortlessly like new for years. SecureConnect technology integrates PGT’s proprietary corner keys into each window sash, ensuing the integrity and lifelong performance of each window, no matter the size.

Florida-Made with Clear Purpose

PGT windows are manufactured here in Florida. Not only do they truly understand the demands of protecting against Florida weather, they actually helped set the standards for building codes after Hurricane Andrew devastated the Miami-Dade area in 1992.

Storm Solutions is proud to be an authorized PGT dealer. Call or click today to schedule your free in-home estimate on PGT impact windows!

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