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Why Choose Storm/Hurricane Panels?

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Apr 15, 2019 11:17:29 AM

There’s many ways you can protect your windows from storms, but one of the most popular options is installing storm panels.

Let’s learn about what these hurricane covers are, how they can benefit your home or business and where you can get quality panels in Southwest Florida.

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What Are Storm Panels?

Unlike other forms of window hurricane protection, storm panels are removable pieces. They are solid coverings that can be placed in front of your windows right before a storm rolls in, and taken down after it passes.

Typically, storm panels are made out of steel, aluminum or a clear/white plastic that’s designed to withstand mild impact, eliminating glass breakage in the event of storm damage.

The Benefits of Choosing Storm/Hurricane Panels

Florida home and business owners need some form of storm protection over their windows. Even if they have hurricane tested glass, many still prefer a second layer, for reassurance. While storm shutters, like Bahama or accordian shutter as well as roll down shutters, are other popular choices, there’s a few reasons people opt for hurricane panels instead:

  • Storm panels are inexpensive. Compared to some other window treatments, storm panels are a less expensive way to protect your Florida home from hurricanes. The materials aren’t as complex to make as say impact glass, and don’t require additional functionality like motorized storm shutters— reducing the cost.
  • Storm panels are removable. For those who do not like the look of window covers, hurricane panels can be taken down and stored until needed. Or, they can be left up throughout hurricane season only and removed during pleasant periods.
  • Storm panels come in a variety of styles. It can be hard to find exterior window coverings that match your home or business’ aesthetic. Here at Storm Solutions, our panels are available in steel, aluminum, clear or white plastic, matching almost every home.

  • Storm panels can improve your energy efficiency. Many storm panels act as insulators, trapping your cool air conditioning in and preventing warm Florida heat from entering.

  • Storm panels can increase your security. A storm panel is just another layer between your the outside world and your interior. While a burglar might be inclined to break a glass window, they are often deterred by panels.


When Shopping for Storm Panels

When you’re on the hunt for the right hurricane panel, be sure to consider two things:

Firstly, check if the hurricane panels are up to building code. Many neighborhoods require your home or business to have hurricane safe window coverings, but not all panels are up to code. Our storm panels at Storm Solutions, for example, are Miami-Dade County compliant. Always check to ensure they’ve been tested and deemed safe for your area.

Secondly, do your research. Ask around in your neighborhood to discover where they got their hurricane panels from and compare brands. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best combination of long-lasting quality and affordability.

Our Selection of Hurricane Panels

On the hunt for the right storm panel for your home or business? Hurricane protection is what we do here at Storm Solutions.

We have a wide selection, perfect for many diverse styles. Give us a call at (239) 431-3190 to learn more about safeguarding your windows, today.

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