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What’s Better - Hurricane Windows or Hurricane Shutters?

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on May 17, 2016 10:50:32 AM


Did you know that approximately 10 tropical storms will develop over the Atlantic Ocean every year? Not only this, but storms also happen in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, some of which will harmlessly stay out to sea, while others come ashore in populated areas. This can be disastrous for people living in the hurricane’s path, particularly for those who don’t prepare.

To stay safe when inside your property, it’s wise to invest in storm and hurricane protection and doors, but first make yourself aware of the pros and cons associated with hurricane windows vs. hurricane shutters.

The Pros and Cons of Hurricane Windows

In hurricane-prone areas, you are sure to see a lot of properties fitted with hurricane or impact windows. When you are considering whether you want hurricane windows vs. hurricane shutters, think of the fact that they are available in an array of designs and can be custom made to suit your home.

Aside from protecting interior of a property from flying debris, they keep the occupants safe from harm during a storm. Other benefits are that they can help prevent intruders from breaking into a home, and can also be used to make your home more energy-efficiency.

What are the bad points, you ask? Hurricane or impact glass can be expensive, however they do eliminate glass breakage and will offer a lot more protection than you would get if you weren’t to have them fitted at all!

The Pros and Cons of Hurricane Shutters

What appeals to the majority of property owners, both commercial and residential, is the fact that hurricane shutters are relatively inexpensive and can be installed with ease. Examples of hurricane shutters options include automatic roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, Bahama shutters, awning shutters and storm panel shutters. Aside from the variation of styles, buyers can also opt for metal or PVC materials and with typical prices ranging from $7-$25 per square foot, this investment doesn’t break the bank.

However, you should keep in mind that the installation process can be tedious at times, as the shutters will normally need to be fastened to the building with barrel bolts or lag bolts. Heavy shutters are near impossible to install by yourself and a channel will likely have to be anchored to the top and bottom of the window prior to installation commencing.

Finding a Fitter

Whatever decision you make between hurricane windows vs. hurricane shutters, make sure you find a storm protection company that follows guidelines, boasts a solid reputation and is able to provide information on the storm-protection products you buy.

Hurricane Protection

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