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What to Look For in Hurricane Shutters

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Sep 18, 2017 9:00:00 AM

This year, it seems that hurricane season is in full force, and while we have our fingers crossed for sunnier skies and friendlier weather, we may still find ourselves in a storm’s way. While we hope for the best, it’s smart to expect -and prepare for- the worst to keep your family safe and prevent as much damage to your home as possible.

There are countless types of hurricane products on the market these days that range in quality, including hurricane shutters. With seemingly limitless options available, it may be hard to figure out what the best, and safest options are for you. Here’s some information to consider as you shop for hurricane shutters.

Types of Hurricane Shutters

Before you begin your search for hurricane shutters, it is important to know what kinds are available so that you can figure out what will work best for you.

Roll down shutters: These shutters can be operated from inside or outside of your home. They work by hand crank or electric motor, and you can raise and lower them to any height. They are permanently installed, and also reduce noise, and can provide ventilation when they are not lowered completely.

Accordion shutters: Accordion shutters can be installed on windows or a slider. They slide from side to side, and can be installed for a window of any width. They provide both maximum storm protection and security, and come with a heavy duty mortise style lock.

Storm panels: Storm panels are available in steel, aluminum, or Clear Lexan Panels ; they can be stored elsewhere, like in your garage or attic. Steel storm panels are the least expensive shutter available that meets Florida codes. Aluminum panels can be mounted in several ways and still meet state codes for hurricane shutters. Clear panels allow daylight to shine through your windows, and can be made to match any window shape to blend in with the design of your home.

Bahama shutters: These shutters are great because they look like actual shutters! Made from heavy aluminum, they are both decorative and functional, and are permanent installations to your home. They provide shade, and sit out at a 45-degree angle from the top of your window.

Hurricane Shutter Requirements

In making a purchase to protect your family during dangerous storms, you want to be sure that your investment is truly going to keep you safe from harm. After all, not all storm shutters are created equal.

Here’s what you need to look for in hurricane shutter capabilities:

  • Shutters should have a Florida Product Approval or NOA
  • The contractor you hire should be Licensed and Insured
  • Shutters should meet or exceed the local code.

Your hurricane shutters need to be able to withstand very high winds and all sorts of heavy debris. They should also be installed by a professional who is licensed and insured to install them. Just like you wouldn’t want an amateur to install a new auto transmission on your car or a new air conditioner in your home, you want a professional to make sure that your hurricane shutters do what they are intended to do: Keep you safe in unsafe conditions.

As you begin to figure out which kind of hurricane shutters will work best for you and your family, we here at Storm Solutions are happy to answer your questions. We care about you and yours, and we want to help you protect your loved ones during severe weather. Want us to come out and give you an estimate? Contact us here!


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