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5 Things To Consider When Replacing Your Storefront Glass Windows

Posted by Joe Paschitti on Dec 19, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Naples Storefront Glass Contractor

There are plenty of reasons you could be shopping for storefront glass windows—maybe you’re opening a new location and are in the middle of construction planning. Or you’re finally investing in stronger, impact-resistant windows to better protect against storms and burglary. Maybe the last hurricane was a doozy and you need glass repair or a full replacement.

No matter the reason, you know that commercial projects are typically much larger, extensive, and expensive than residential projects. That’s why it’s important to decide carefully when choosing a contractor for your commercial storefront window replacements. We're here to help make the selection process a little less stressful. 

Here are five things to consider when you're looking to hire a commercial window glass replacement company.


1. Check for licensing, insurance, and a guarantee.

Contractors who work with commercial storefront glass windows often deal with sheets of glass on a much larger scale than those who primarily serve homeowners. Larger glass means a higher price tag and more costly mistakes.

By ensuring your contractor is licensed and insured to work with commercial properties, you know you’re hiring someone with the knowledge needed for your storefront glass panels. You can also be sure that your business is protected from lawsuits as the result of potential accidents on the job, as well as expensive glass replacement costs. Without proper insurance and licensing, your business could be held liable if one of the contractor's employees is injured on the job or if materials you already paid for are damaged.

Additionally, it’s always good to ensure that any contractor working with storefront glass windows offers a guarantee on their work. Without a guarantee, you could be faced with hefty repair bills if you have a problem in the future. Be sure that your contractor knows what you need and that they also understand and follow local commercial property building codes. 


2. Choose a company that works with other contractors.

If you're in the process of building a commercial property, you'll be working with many companies to get the job done. In turn, it's important that the contractor you hire to install your storefront glass panels, impact windows, or shutters is a team player.

Your contractor should be able to communicate effectively with the other contractors hired for your projects and have experience working with architects, engineers, and general contractors. If one person on the team is difficult to work with or communicate with, everything else can suffer.

Even if you're just focused on storefront window replacements, it’s still smart to choose a storefront glass installer who has experience working with others. You never know if you’ll need to call another company for support.


3. Look for variety in storefront window sizes.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hurricane protection and that includes commercial window glass replacement. You may go into the project thinking you want glass doors, only to find out later that one sheet of fixed impact glass is the better option. 

The last thing you want is to have to switch contractors at the last minute, which is why it’s important to choose a contractor who offers a variety of different solutions from various manufacturers before the work begins. 

Popular products for commercial projects include storefront glass panels, folding glass walls, impact glass storefronts, impact windows, fire, and safety-rated glass, and glass doors. Does the installer you’re looking into offer them all?

Even if you decide on one product, such as glass doors, make sure the contractor offers you a variety of options. When it comes to impact-resistant options for your storefront glass windows, you can typically choose between a few different finishes for varying styles and strengths. A company that offers just one option might not be best for you. 

You’ll also want to watch out for companies that simply want to tint or add a film to your glass as an upgrade, which can come with its own set of drawbacks

Be sure to ask about the brands the contractor uses and do your research independently to ensure it’s a manufacturer you can trust.


4. Ensure the company has experience with custom installations.

Every commercial building and every project is different, but some require less extensive work than others. Standard-sized storefront glass windows, for instance, are relatively easy to order and install for professionals who do this daily. But if your property has special needs for storefront window sizes or glass types, you'll want to make sure the contractor you choose for your storefront window replacements has experience ordering and sizing custom measured or cut glass.

It’s also important that the contractor you choose will be able to install custom glass features. The last thing you want is a company that orders the custom glass, yet doesn’t really know what they’re doing. 

Check to see if the contractor is knowledgeable on custom storefront window installation and ask to see their portfolio or images of final installations of their custom projects.


5. Find a company that installs other storm solutions.

In addition to installing windows, a glass wall, or doors for your storefront, you may want to upgrade your general hurricane protection. After all, if you’re going to have construction going on, you might as well get it all done at once!

Now might be the right time to upgrade your business’ commercial impact windows or add sturdy hurricane shutters. If you’re not sure which would be the best investment for your storefront, check out our blog with 5 questions to help you choose between impact glass and hurricane shutters.

When you find a contractor with experience working with both, you’ll be better able to protect your business from turbulent weather and intruders. As a bonus, you won't have to search around for multiple companies that are qualified to do different installations.


Learn More About Storm Solutions Today

When it comes to impact glass in SWFL, the team at Storm Solutions is well-known, well-qualified, and able to meet your storefront window glass needs. Whether you're worried about the various storefront window sizes you need to purchase or your concerns lie in the area of commercial window glass replacement, we're here to help. Not only do we work with some of the highest-revered glass manufacturers, but we also pride ourselves in quick, long-lasting installs, including custom projects.

Check out what makes our glass and windows different from other installers in the area by getting an estimate from us at Storm Solutions today. Head over to our commercial page or give us a call at (239) 288-0894 to request one. 

While you're at it, don't forget to check out our hurricane guide e-book for plenty of additional information on how to get your home or business ready for the next Southwest Florida storm.

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