6 Ways to Get a Homeowners Insurance Discount in SWFL

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Aug 7, 2020 2:00:00 PM
Save Money on Homeowners Insurance with Hurricane Protection

Looking for ways to cut down on some monthly expenses? Insurance cost definitely can take a sizable chunk out of your paycheck, taking away from your daily luxuries and ability to save.

Luckily, there are a few ways to easily reduce your homeowners insurance cost, from making smart financial decisions to seeking insurance discounts to shave down your monthly premium. 

Here are six tips for discounting your home insurance rate:

1. Combine your coverage.

If you have multiple policies with different insurers, you could notice an instant discount on your overall insurance costs by bundling policies with one sole provider. Switch to the same company for your homeowners insurance, flood insurance and car insurance and watch the savings start to stack up. 

2. Have a wind mitigation inspection.

Wind and water damage are the primary ways a hurricane can ruin a home. A wind mitigation inspection can be used to determine the suitability of a structure's construction in the event of strong winds. With a proper wind readiness certificate from a certified inspector, your insurance company may be willing to lower your insurance coverage cost.

3. Install locks or surveillance features.

Homeowners insurance companies want to know that you’re taking proper measures to protect your home against burglary and foul play. By investing in extra security measures like surveillance cameras or recording devices, specialized locks, etc., you could qualify for savings.


“From installing adequate locks to hiring a team to install alarms throughout your house, preventing home break-ins can lead to a savings of 2% to 5%," according to Bill McGarry, a property manager for private homes in Palm Beach County in Florida.

4. Fix that old roof.

Sure, it can be costly to get a new roof— and people don't usually look forward to shelling out money to pay for one. However, investing in a quality roof can pay off in the long run by providing you protection from harsh hurricanes. Let’s not miss the sheer fact that it looks good in the eyes of your homeowners insurance providers. Choosing a high quality roof can also raise your property value, as a nice added bonus for when it comes time to resell. 

5. Invest in water shutoff devices.

“Devices that cut off a home’s water supply when they detect damage to pipes, water lines and plumbing can prevent significant damage and save homeowners an average of 3% on their premiums,” according to Trevor Chapman, a Farmers Insurance spokesman. By simply investing in proper water flow regulators and shutoff devices, you could reduce your threat of costly water damage and save a little on your monthly premium costs.

6. Install hurricane shutters and impact glass.

As a Florida homeowner, your windows are often your weakest link when it comes storm time. By investing in hurricane shutters or proper protection over your windows, you could set a favorable tone for your homeowners insurance providers. Pair that with impact-resistant glass and you’re bound to see considerable discounts applied to your premium. 

“Shutters are the best protection and can potentially take 8% to 10% in savings off your insurance premiums,” according to InvestingAnswers.


Window Protection is a Smart First Step

Now that you know a little about how to lower your homeowners insurance costs, you may be wondering, “where’s the best place to begin?”

Here at Storm Solutions, we know the safety of you and your loved ones always takes priority. If your Florida home doesn’t have proper hurricane protection, you’re putting your family at risk every storm season. 

Protect all you hold dear and reduce your home insurance costs by installing storm-safe windows.

Download our 12 Things You Need to Know About Impact Windows e-book to understand the true value of replacing traditional windows with impact-resistant glass.

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