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Types of Hurricane Shutters and What You Should Know

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Sep 23, 2021 11:57:00 AM

Types of Hurricane Shutters and What You Should Know

Hurricane shutters are designed to block your home from flying debris carried by gale-force winds and your family from injury. Due to the risk of hurricanes in Southwest Florida, many new homes are built with hurricane shutters and impact windows and doors. Older homes can also be retrofitted for optimal storm protection.

Hurricane shutters are available in a variety of styles, so it is important to understand how your hurricane shutters operate, when to put them up, and which type is right for your home and needs as a SW Florida homeowner.


Roll Down Hurricane Shutters in Florida

Types of Hurricane Shutters and What You Should KnowHurricane roll down shutters are one of the most convenient storm protection options, which is the main reason people choose to install them. They're well-suited for hurricane protection, but that's not their only benefit. They also offer insulation and burglary protection to provide homeowners with more peace of mind. To be sure you're making the best use of your hurricane shutters, here are a few tips you should keep in mind.

Roll down shutters can be lowered to protect against flying debris, but they can also be used to block out noise, sunlight, and burglars. That's especially beneficial when you're away from your home for an extended period of time. It's easy to work with hurricane shutters, since they can be raised or lowered with a hand crank or an electric motor.

Electric Motor or Hand Crank?

If you opt for the electric motor option, it's a good idea to make sure your roll down shutters have a battery backup. That allows you to raise and lower the shutters even after the electricity goes out without having to crank them by hand. That's important since storms are often accompanied by power outages.

Another alternative is to go with hand crank versions. However, these naturally are more labor-intensive to operate. Be sure to practice using the hand crank method before a storm hits, since roll down shutters for large windows or lanai doors can be heavy.


SW Florida Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Types of Hurricane Shutters and What You Should KnowAccordion hurricane shutters consist of permanently attached vertical slats that are mounted in a stainless steel roller-carriage system to provide maximum protection against storms and theft. Because they're easy to operate, they can be installed on all different kinds of homes and used by nearly everyone.

It's Like a Security Curtain for Your Home

These hurricane shutters operate like a curtain. The two panels are pulled together to meet in the middle, where they lock together. They can be opened fully to enjoy a beautiful Florida day, or they can be opened partially to maintain a cool interior for your home.

To keep accordion shutters operating smoothly, it is important to clear debris from the shutter channels and have a professional service them regularly. Ideally, that service should be performed before the beginning of each storm season.


Bahama Hurricane Shutters Add Safety and Value

Types of Hurricane Shutters and What You Should KnowAs an alternative to accordion or roll down hurricane shutters, Bahama hurricane shutters look more like traditional wooden slat shutters and add an attractive architectural element to your home's exterior. For homeowners who want a quality, higher-end look but still need good hurricane protection, Bahama shutters can be an excellent option.

Today’s attractive Bahama shutters are often manufactured as durable aluminum hurricane shutters, and they are easy to operate. Simply prop them open to enjoy a gentle breeze and secure them closed for effective storm protection.


Choose Hurricane Panels for Strong Protection

Types of Hurricane Shutters and What You Should KnowYour home can also be fitted with storm panels, which are a lower-priced option than hurricane shutters, but they also take more effort to install and remove. They aren't right for everyone.

Storm panels can be stored in the garage when not in use and attached when needed. Traditional storm panels are made from aluminum, but transparent varieties are also available. They let light into your home while providing storm protection.

Installing Storm Panels is an Important Skill

Make sure you know how to install your storm panels before the beginning of storm season. Since full-home protection requires a number of panels, you need to find out which of the panels belong to which of your home’s openings. We also recommend regular inspections of the anchors or tracks that hold your storm panels in place to make sure you can use them easily when they're needed most.


Hurricane Screens are Another Valuable Option

Types of Hurricane Shutters and What You Should KnowYour SW Florida home may also use other methods of storm protection. Hurricane screens are made from a geo-synthetic fabric, similar to Kevlar, and are engineered to be a low-cost alternative to hurricane shutters and other storm protection systems.

Hurricane Screens Add a Lot of Value

Hurricane screens provide excellent protection from wind-driven rain and flying debris. They are ideal for protecting large openings such as lanais, storefronts, windows, and entranceways. Storm Solutions offers Armor Screen Hurricane Protection that is transparent, easy to deploy, lightweight, and strong.

No matter what kind of shutters, panels, or screens your Southwest Florida home has it is important to know how to use them before a storm hits. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your hurricane shutter system ensures your home is protected when hurricane season starts. 


Ready to Learn More About Hurricane Shutters?

When you want to learn more about hurricane shutters and related storm protection options, call Storm Solutions, Inc. We serve the Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, and Naples areas, with the hurricane shutters Florida can rely on.

Give us a call today at 239-288-2807 for more information about hurricane shutters, impact windows, and other storm protection products, services, and installation. We're here to help protect your home.

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