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Two Ways To Upgrade Your Home In Preparation For Hurricane Season

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jun 26, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Along with the fun of planning a summer full of beach days and frolicking in the sun, those of us living in the Southwest Florida area need to plan and prepare for hurricane season. June 1 is the official start of hurricane season, which extends through Summer and early Fall, ending November 30th.

While you’re making your summer bucket list, filled with lazy beach days at Ft. Meyers Beach, make sure your home is prepared for whatever the weather may bring! Here are two ways you can upgrade your home to provide protection against tropical storms and hurricanes.

Upgrade to Impact Windows

If your current hurricane preparedness plan includes boarding up your windows, you should go ahead and consider  impact windows.

Impact windows are specifically designed to withstand hurricane force winds, and depending on the grade of impact window you select, debris of various sizes.  

One type of window is made with two layers of glass and one sheet of clear Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) and then tempered to increase strength. These windows are designed to resist small and large missile (flying debris) impact.

In addition to the glass itself being impact resistant, the window frame is also reinforced to withstand the pressure changes and wind forces associated with a hurricane.

Don’t Forget the Doors

While you are thinking about moving beyond the plywood in hurricane preparedness, you’ll want to make sure all points of entry are protected. This means making sure you have impact doors installed in place of standard doors.  

Like impact windows, impact doors are designed to withstand the immense amounts of pressure, wind and flying debris that a tropical storm or hurricane can bring. Brands like ThermaTRU put their doors through rigorous testing processes, simulating the effects of high winds, driving rain, and flying debris to be sure they are delivering a truly weatherproof product. Featuring fiberglass doors, decorative impact glass, and composite jambs, providing protection against the elements while still looking amazing.  

Taking the time to fully prepare your home for the all-too-real possibility of a hurricane is just good sense. While we hope it’s unnecessary, the fact is that proper preparation can save your biggest investment— your home— from serious structural damage. When you are ready to upgrade your home with impact doors and windows, contact us for a free in home estimate!

DIY Impact Window Pricing Kit

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