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The Security Power of Impact Windows and Doors

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Mar 3, 2017 8:35:42 AM

Every year, 2.2 million burglaries occur in the United States, which averages out to a burglary roughly every 14-15 seconds. Most of these burglaries are in detached single-family homes, and they typically happen between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

Unfortunately, the average arrest rate for these burglaries is just 13%— the likelihood of the victims getting their belongings back or the perpetrators  being brought to justice is very low. What can you do to protect your home and your family from this violation?

Impact Windows and Doors

Did you know that impact windows and doors will not just protect your home in the event of a hurricane, but they can also make your home more difficult to burgle? It’s true! The primary design characteristics of impact windows and doors are the shatter resistant glass that’s securely fastened to a heavy-duty aluminium frame, creating a barrier to anyone who attempts to break into your home.

How can this glass stay strong in the face of hurricanes and intruders? The impact-resistant glazing is a big part of that; it consists of two layers of annealed or tempered glass, which is bonded to an intermediate layer of a shatter-proof membrane. This membrane is usually made of a substance called Polyvinyl Butyral, or PVB. What’s PVB? Well, it’s a type of resin that varies in thickness, ranging between .015 to .090 inches, dependent on the design pressure required.

When the outer glass is broken, rather than falling to the ground, the glass pieces adhere to the PVB film instead. When a standard-glass window breaks, the pieces will fracture into large, sharp shards that can be quickly bypassed by a determined thief. It’s much more difficult for an intruder to get through the impact-resistant glass; in fact, many burglars would be deterred by the amount of time it would take to penetrate the glass. The longer the break-in takes, the more likely the chances are of them being caught in the act by a curious neighbor or perhaps a random police officer.

Substance and Style

But what about the style? Of course you want your home to be as safe as possible, but you’ve also got a very specific aesthetic you want to maintain. If you’re concerned about your home’s appearance, impact windows and doors are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and tints. Storm Solutions has many options available, including single hung, horizontal rolling, casement, and picture windows, to name just a few. We can create custom frames, and we offer a number of different glass types and design options. You’re sure the find the windows and doors that will suit your home and keep you and your family safe, from hurricanes or potential burglars.

Are you ready to upgrade your home’s appearance and ensure the security of your biggest investment? Contact us for a quote today!

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