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Low Cost Hurricane Protection for Your Home

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Aug 4, 2022 9:13:03 AM

If you want peace of mind during hurricane season, installing hurricane protection is a good investment. Luckily, protecting your Southwest Florida home from damaging winds, driving rain, and flying debris that often accompanies a tropical storm or hurricane, doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking for low-cost hurricane protection for your house or condo, continue reading to learn more about your best options.

Cheap Hurricane Panels

Hurricane storm panels are removable coverings for your open spaces that are cost-effective and still offer great storm protection.

Hurricane panels are:

  • Typically made out of steel, aluminum, or polycarbonate.
  • Removable.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Only installed when a hurricane is coming.
  • Store neatly in a stack 12” wide when not in use.
  • Can be used to cover windows, lanais, and more.

When installed properly, the panels can withstand wind speeds of around 170 mph, making them a match for all categories of hurricanes.

Affordable Hurricane Screens

Hurricane screens are one of the most cost effective hurricane protection options available. If you want a budget-friendly and easy to store option, hurricane screens may be the best choice for you.

Hurricane screens are:

  • Fabric panel systems.
  • For small to large open spaces.
  • Attached with a removable buckle and strap system.
  • Transparent.

Hurricane screens offer great protection. Screens installed and sold by Storm Solutions have been tested to withstand the strongest storms. They’ve been tested at up to 276 MPH winds and can survive multiple large missile impacts without failure. 

This strength has earned our screens approval from the Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Codes, some of the toughest approvals to achieve. Plus, you can see out of them so you won’t feel closed off during a storm.

Low Cost Hurricane Shutters

While hurricane screens and panels work well when looking for low cost ways to hurricane proof your home, some styles of hurricane shutters also offer affordable protection. 

If you’re looking for budget-friendly products, you’ll want to look at accordion shutters. Roll-down and Bahama shutters are more expensive, but they can be a nice upgrade to your hurricane protection strategy.

Hurricane shutters are:

  • Similar to hurricane panels.
  • Made of aluminum or plastic.
  • More permanently attached to your home. 
  • Fold into a customizable box attached to your window.
  • Can cover relatively large openings

These can be tricky to install, but most can withstand 170 MPH wind speeds. While these are not usually transparent, they do come in different colors and you can paint the attached storage box to match the look of your home.

Low Cost Ways To Hurricane Proof Your Home

While plywood might be cheap, it’s not good hurricane preparation. In fact, plywood can pull away from any nails used to attach it to your windows and become flying debris, even in a small storm. This debris can potentially damage your home or your neighbors’ homes. 

Properly installed hurricane panels, hurricane screens, and hurricane shutters are your best route to effective hurricane protection. However, installing these yourself may not be the best solution, as improper installation can damage the product and leave openings for storm damage.

Having professional installation for your chosen low-cost hurricane protection can provide peace of mind and help you avoid costly mistakes. At Storm Solutions, we take storm protection seriously so you and your family can have peace of mind. Contact us for more information today. 

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