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The Benefits of Installing an Impact-Resistant Front Door Before the Next Big Hurricane

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Dec 15, 2020 6:45:00 AM

The Benefits of Installing an Impact-Resistant Front Door Before the Next Big Hurricane

It’s easy to underestimate the value of your front door. But this entryway is the first thing guests see before entering your home, and a crucial barrier between your family and the outside world.

As a Floridian, a hurricane-safe door is a must. Not only do these impact-resistant shields stand up against wicked storms, there’s a long list of advantages to choosing a stronger, smarter front door.

Here are the top benefits of investing in an impact-safe, hurricane-proof entry door:

1. Hurricane doors improve the safety of your family and possessions.

In order to withstand strong winds, water intrusion, and flying debris, storm doors are designed to be significantly stronger than your average front door. Not only are impact doors made of thicker materials that absorb high pressure and impact, but their frames are also dramatically studier, ensuring they stay firmly in place. 

Unlike your everyday entry door, hurricane-proof doors with windows use impact-safe glass, which is extremely hard to break. Even if it does crack or shatter, the glass simply splints and remains securely in place, sticking to an adhesive inner layer. This means it’s unlikely your family will be injured or your possessions damaged by sharp glass or wind-blown debris. 

2. Impact-resistant doors are a major security upgrade.

While impact doors are designed first-and-foremost to provide added protection during extreme weather conditions, they also act as extra security from theft and intruders. 

Hurricane doors’ extra strong framing makes it nearly impossible for the average person to break them down. Plus, impact doors with glass features are specifically constructed to be shatter-resistant. In strength-testing scenarios, many storm door designers hurl bricks or take sledgehammers to the glass— which may splinter on impact, but will not shatter to allow entry. That’s thanks to their tempered or laminated construction, which you can learn more about here.

3. Hurricane doors are incredibly energy-efficient.

We all want a front door that lets a pop of sunshine in, but glass can be a major cause of poor energy-efficiency in the home. This is often because of small cracks in the area where the glass and door meet, where air can escape. 

Since storm doors need to be tightly sealed and sturdy to withstand harsh weather, they keep inside air in and outside air out like no other. Especially those with better insulating frames, like vinyl.

In addition, some impact glass windows also have low-emissivity and solar heating ratings, preventing the hot Florida sun and its heat from raising your inside temperature and jacking up your cooling costs. 

4. Impact-resistant entry doors with glass have superior UV protection ratings.

It’s a top concern living in one of the sunniest states in the U.S.: UV damage to your possessions. Long-term exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause irreversible fading or discoloration to your fabrics, photographs, and paint. By opting for storm doors with UV-protective properties, you won’t have to worry about costly damage to your investments.

5. Storm doors reduce noise pollution from the outside in. 

Aside from protecting your home from wind, rain, flying debris, and burglars, impact doors also decrease the amount of noise coming from outside. It’s the multi-layer, thick materials and air-tight seals you have to thank for this.

During a storm, you'll hear little-to-no wind and rain— helping you to forget about the hurricane while it passes from the safety of your home. When there isn't a storm, you won't have to worry about hearing all of the excess noise that comes from children playing outside or someone mowing the lawn— especially if you have a door that faces a busy road or is close to a neighbor's home.

6. Hurricane-rated front doors can lower your insurance premium.

Sure, you have to make the one-time investment installing the impact door, but it could be a gift that keeps on giving. Certain insurers view higher-strength hurricane protection as an upgrade in security and safety, shaving money off your monthly premium. 

Be sure to contact your insurer while weighing your new entryway door options to see if any of your choices fit their bill. 

7. Impact-resistant doors can increase your home value.

While installing just one hurricane-safe door may not have a significant impact on your home value, installing impact doors throughout your entire house may very well increase its resale value. From storm-safe French doors out back to impact-ready garage doors, the added strength is sure to impress would-be buyers.

Get a Complimentary Estimate for a New Impact-Resistant Front Door 

As a Florida resident, you need a front door that meets code requirements and can withstand our state’s strongest hurricanes, all while looking sharp from afar.

Homeowners all across SWFL trust our storm doors here at Storm Solutions for their superior quality and dependability. Learn more about why our doors are so popular here.

Ready to start comparing your options? Check out these hurricane door buying considerations.

Or, request a free estimate for your entry door purchase and install, today.

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