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9 Reasons Floridians Should Invest in a Glass or Screen-Enclosed Lanai

Posted by John Lemonakis on Dec 5, 2022 11:07:03 AM

If you’re like most Floridians, you sure get a lot of use out of your lanai. But with all its perks, this covered outdoor escape can also be a real pain. Weather, pesky insects, and the usual lanai maintenance comes with its own set of headaches.

Luckily, there’s one thing that could make your outdoor haven a true paradise: enclose it! By shielding your lanai with glass walls or protective screening, you can give your lanai space the well-needed upgrade you deserve.

Here are nine reasons every Floridian should invest in enclosing their lanai:

1. A glass or screened lanai helps to regulate temperature. 

As a resident of Florida, you know how hot it can get here in the sunshine state. Year-round, we experience temperatures ranging anywhere from the 70s-90 degrees Fahrenheit, with some summers pushing over 100 degrees. On many days, it’s too hot to even sit out and enjoy your lanai. 

With a glass or screened lanai, you can lounge or entertain guests in your extended space without the heatwave. Should you opt for screening, many automated screen tracks can be installed with multiple screens tucked into one housing: allowing you to lower a thinner screen to feel the breeze or release a thicker layer to block wind and sun. 

2. It can shield against UV rays.

Some glass lanai enclosures are laminated, meaning they are designed to block UV rays. Unlike traditional tinted glass— which only helps to reduce the amount of light and heat that enters your lanai— laminated glass is a low-emissivity (low-e) glass specially designed to reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet (UV) light that passes through. Some screens offer UV protection as well, like our Atlas Armor screen, which can both block ultraviolet light and protect against solar heat.

Ask our team about installing low-e glass when enclosing your lanai or a specialized solar screen to reap the added benefits! 

3. It creates a functional space regardless of the weather.

Covered lanais with ceilings can block the rainfall, but they don’t help when it’s windy. Mist or debris can be blown in— ruining your idea of peacefully listening to the rain on your lanai. Even on an otherwise sunny day, mild winds can disrupt your outdoor dinner or fun. 

Unfortunately, this means your lovely space is often left unused if the weather isn’t perfect. With a glass or screen-enclosed lanai, you can utilize your extra space regardless of the forecast.

4. It keeps children and pets from roaming.

Let your dog or cat soak up the sun without worrying about them venturing off your property. A glass lanai gives them a front-row seat to the entertainment of the outdoors, where they can watch birds and critters play. A screened lanai could offer this same benefit, plus allow them to enjoy the soft breeze. 

Children too can play in this sunny space without fear of harmful UV rays or the temptation to roam off while you relax on your patio set. 

5. It can also keep critters and insects out.

There’s nothing like lounging on your lanai and getting bit by pesky mosquitoes or finding bird droppings on your outdoor cushions. While it can be nice to co-exist with mother nature, critters and bugs can wreak havoc on your lanai and family.

By enclosing your space with glass or a screen, you are doing your part to keep raccoons out of your outdoor kitchen or ticks from crawling on you while you sunbathe. Keep a safe barrier between your lanai and the outdoors with a thin layer of protection.

6. It protects your pool.

Many Floridians have a pool under or just off their lanai. Those with pools under their covered lanai can float or play in the water without concern. A glass or screened enclosure can help to prevent debris from your yard or surrounding vegetation from blowing into the water— meaning, less cleaning. 

Florida’s hot temperatures can also cause quick evaporation. By containing the temperature of your pool house, you are helping to maintain water levels. Do not forget how this enclosure may help to reduce heating and cooling costs, better maintaining water temperature thanks to controlled air temp.

7. It means less work maintaining your lanai.  

Open lanais get dirty just like any outdoor space. Even with a covered roof, debris blows inside, tabletops get coated in pollen and your decor becomes weathered and faded. 

By adding a protective barrier between your lanai and the outside world, you can save yourself time and stress in upkeep. Besides the usual dusting, everything can stay where it is: no need to put away your cushions or bring out blankets for those cool evenings. You can keep your decor polished and poised all year long.

8. It adds value to your home.

Florida homeowners covet enclosed lanais— knowing they’ll get all the added benefits we discussed. But just like any addition to your home, this add-on can also increase your home’s value, helping you get a higher return come time to sell. 

Glass-enclosed lanais in particular do great on the housing market. They’re desired for their extra living space and added security. Learn more about why they can add value to your Florida home here.

9. It safeguards you from hurricanes and storms.

While all the other benefits so far have been convenient, an enclosed lanai can serve a very important need: hurricane protection. As a Florida resident, you know how frequently our oceanic state is hit by violent storms, and an unprotected lanai can be dangerous. 

Wicked winds can throw outdoor furniture or debris into your windows, hail can dent your siding or break your decor and mother nature can really tear up your favorite outdoor hangout. Protect your assets, and most importantly, your family, by installing a high-impact glass or screen barrier around your lanai.

Only the Best in Storm Protection

When it comes to enclosing your lanai, don’t take the cheap route. If you are going to invest in a glass or screen protector, make sure it is impact-safe, UV-warding and heat-controlled.

Here at Storm Solutions, we only trust the best brands— tried and tested on Florida homes. For glass lanai enclosures, we turn to CGI, PGT and SIW for superior, high-performance glass, ready to handle storms, sun and anything that comes your way. Best of all, all of our glass lanai enclosures are custom-measured to fit your space and come with an excellent warranty.

For storm screens, there aren’t many screens that compare to our Atlas Armor. They’re the only roll down screens to be certified for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) located in Florida’s Miami-Dade & Broward counties, making them your number one choice for hurricane screens in Florida.

Contact us at (239) 205-7608 for a free glass or screen lanai estimate today. 

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