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Protect Your Home with Impact Doors

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Aug 20, 2014 11:00:00 AM

CGI-Estate-Entrance-door-2Living in Southwest Florida, we know how important it is to protect our home during a hurricane. When choosing a hurricane protection method for your home, most people often think about the best way to protect their windows. What many people forget is that it's also important to protect your doors from high wind and heavy rain. Impact-resistant doors offer your home the protection it needs in the event of a hurricane. Impact doors and windows are made out of impact resistant glass that contains a layer of polyvinylbutyral (PVB) between two slabs of glass. Here are five benefits of using impact doors to protect your entryways:

Safety and Security
One of the biggest benefits of impact-resistant doors is their safety features. Impact doors are made of thicker materials that allow them to absorb high pressure and impact. During a hurricane, flying debris poses a threat to your home, but impact doors prevent debris from causing any substantial damage. Even if the glass cracks or shatters, it's unlikely that it will break. Impact doors are designed to provide security and protection during extreme weather conditions, but they also provide extra security from theft and intruders.

If you have small children around, impact doors are even more beneficial. Since they don't break like normal glass, you don't have to worry about coming home and finding glass all over your floor where your children usually run and play. Also, if your child does bang into your impact door, they're unlikely to even crack the glass. If the glass does happen to crack, it won't shatter or leave pieces of glass all over the floor.

Noise reduction
Aside from protecting your home from wind, rain and flying debris, impact doors also decrease the amount of noise coming from outside. During a storm, you'll hear little to none of the noise coming from the wind and rain. And when there isn't a storm, you won't have to worry about hearing all of the excess noise that comes from children playing outside or someone mowing the lawn. Impact doors can be helpful if you have a door that faces a busy road or is close to a neighbor's home.

Energy efficient
Glass can be a major cause of poor energy efficiency in the home. This is because there are often small cracks in the area where the glass and door meet, and air has a tendency to escape through those cracks. Impact doors are insulated so the heat stays inside during the colder winter months and outside during the summer months. The sealant on the doors acts as insulation and helps to fill in the cracks.

UV protection
Impact doors provide protection from UV light that can cause damage to your personal property such as fabrics, photographs and paint. Impact doors, like impact windows, protect your valuables from fading and discoloration that occurs due to exposure to direct sunlight. This is extremely important for those of us who live in Florida since we experience direct sunlight all year round.

Impact-resistant doors preserve all the benefits of regular doors while providing added protection against severe weather and theft. Additionally, because impact doors don't need to be covered during a hurricane, you'll still be able to see outside.

Consult Storm Solutions, An Impact Door Specialist
If you're interested in exploring the beauty and security of impact doors, Storm Solutions offers a selection of the best doors in the industry and then professionally installs them to make you ready for the next local weather event. Serving Naples/Marco Island, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, or Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda, Storm Solutions will offers impact doors that will insulate your home from noise and protect your home from sun damage. For more information, check our website or contact Storm Solutions today at 239-674-3625.
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