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5 Reasons PGT Windows Offer Year-Round Home Protection

Posted by John Lemonakis on Oct 19, 2022 3:31:44 PM

Here in Southwest Florida, when we mention impact windows, what’s the first thought that comes to mind?

Hurricane protection.

With the rate at which hurricanes occur here in Florida, protection against these tropical cyclones is crucial to living peacefully. Traditional windows offer little to no protection, something Floridians know well. But what if there was an alternative that not only offered hurricane protection, but provided year-round benefits?

PGT windows are a method of hurricane protection, but they also provide more than just defense against wind and debris. Below, we outline why PGT offers the best year-round impact windows for South Floridians and how they can protect your home from a variety of problems.


5 Benefits of PGT Windows

1. Burglary-Proof

Unfortunately, the reality is that hurricanes aren’t the only threat to your home. Burglary attempts are also a concern for every homeowner. With PGT windows, you’re provided with extra home defense against intruders. This is significant, given that approximately a fourth of all burglars will try to break in through a window. With the rate of annual burglaries averaging over 1 million in the United States, having this extra protection can give you and your family peace of mind.

In comparison to traditional windows, which can easily be broken into because of their single layer, burglary-proof PGT windows are multi-layered, consisting of two layers of glass and a reinforced interlayer. This interlayer, in tandem with the unique silicone glazing technique that installs the glass to the frame, remains intact through heavy impact. 

Additionally, with over 4 million WinGuard® products used globally, PGT has encountered no reported impact failures, a testament to their reliability and impact resistance.


2.  Energy Efficient

Not only can the sun cause discoloration, fading, and damage furniture, flooring, artwork, and window treatments, it can also skyrocket your electric bills. In fact, 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy exertion stems from heat received through windows.

In contrast, PGT windows are energy efficient, protecting against 99% of UV rays. PGT windows also offer various Energy Star rated windows that have durable glass with specialized Low-E coatings and tints, which reduce incoming heat, helping you reduce your energy bills. 

Furthermore, purchasing Energy Star rated windows could make you eligible for a tax credit under the Energy Tax Incentive Act of 2005.


3. Noise-Reducing

One of the most common characteristics found within airports and sound studios is laminated glass windows, a feature that’s also offered with PGT impact windows. The noise reduction provided by impact-resistant windows can make a notable difference when it comes to common outdoor disturbances, minimizing unwanted noise by up to 65%. The combination of glass and sturdy composite material absorbs sound, allowing for a significant reduction in outside noise.


4.  Florida-Made With High Standards

PGT impact windows, manufactured right here in Southwest Florida, are the best-selling brand of impact-resistant windows and doors in America. They also hold the most certifications for Miami-Dade and helped write impact code requirements.


5. Superior Hurricane Protection

Although the other benefits of PGT impact windows are valuable, we can’t forget their outstanding hurricane protection capabilities. Based on your needs, each type of impact window glass varies in strength, but all should have no issue dealing with typical Florida storms. For example, the laminated impact-resistant glass of PGT windows are constructed to withstand numerous blows from a nine-pound 2’ x 4’ beam moving at 34 miles per hour, making them incredibly durable under severe circumstances.

In addition, PGT windows come with a warranty on any manufacturer defects, ensuring your satisfaction with their products.


PGT Windows for All Your Home Protection Needs

PGT truly understands the defense required to protect against Florida weather. That’s why Storm Solutions is a proud provider of their products.

With Hurricane Ian labeled as a Category 3 storm and set to hit Florida, now is the time to protect your home correctly with PGT windows.

Storm Solutions is proud to be an authorized PGT dealer and stand ready to help you hurricane-proof your home.

Call or click today to schedule your free in-home estimate on PGT impact windows!


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