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What Are Low-E Windows?

Posted by John Lemonakis on Dec 1, 2022 2:37:48 PM

Many Florida homeowners are on the search for impact windows to replace their old or damaged windows for added protection and increased temperature control. The solution? Low-E glass impact windows. 

Low-E impact windows provide several benefits, including cost-savings, storm protection, and a beautiful exterior. Read on to find out what Low-E glass is, how it works, and why you should consider adding Low-E glass impact windows to your home.


What Is Low-E Glass?

Emissivity is the measure of sunlight, heat absorption, and reflection. Traditional windows have high emissivity — they absorb more heat and transfer it to the inside of your home. In contrast, Low-E windows are treated with a nearly-invisible coating that filters light and reflects heat back outside, rather than absorbing it. 

If you have several windows or sliding doors constructed with traditional glass, you may notice that your home feels much warmer in the summer, even when your AC is on full blast. Low-E glass windows or sliding doors can lower this effect significantly.


How Does Low-E Glass Work?

Low-E impact windows reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light that passes through glass, separating the heat and illumination components of sunlight by reflecting away the heat while allowing the light to pass through.. Lowering the emissivity of glass improves its insulating properties.

Low-E windows can:

  • Help prevent sunburns.
  • Minimize upholstery fade.
  • Reduce glare.
  • Save you on cooling and heating costs.
  • Be attractive to buyers if selling your home.

Low-E energy-efficient windows can also improve lighting in your home.


Is Tinted Glass the Same?

Tinted glass is another popular option for homeowners who wish to reduce the amount of heat that enters their homes. Tinted glass can provide cooling and reduce electric bills, but they also provide a darker atmosphere.

Tinted glass is not always preferred, especially since it may void manufacturer warranties. Low-E windows are an alternative for those who want all of the perks without the drawbacks.


The Benefits of Low-E Windows

Low-E glass is sometimes confused with tinted glass, however, the former offers many more benefits, including:



Tinted windows help reduce the amount of heat and light transfer by absorbing it, while low-E glass coatings reflect the heat back to the source. Low-E glass maintains the temperature you’ve set within your home.



Low-E glass helps lower your electric bill by blocking heat and UV rays in the summer, allowing your home’s HVAC system to work more efficiently to keep your home comfortable. By increasing the energy efficiency of your home, you can increase savings on your monthly electric bill. 

Window tinting installation is more budget-friendly compared to low-E glass. However, Low-e glass has greater infrared and UV protection.


Natural-Feeling Light

Low-E glass keeps your house cooler and allows more visible light into your home than tinted windows. Tinted glass will give your home a darker atmosphere, which is not always preferred.

Additionally, depending on the size of the window, tinted glass can look different than other windows that are supposed to match. Low-E glass stays the same color, so it will match the rest of your windows that have the same coating


Other Options for Energy-Efficient Windows

Low-E windows are a first step for creating a more energy-efficient home, however, you can further improve their effectiveness depending on the type of windows you have.

For instance, impact windows feature double-pane construction, which is much more insulating than traditional single-pane windows — with the added bonus of serious storm protection. 

By adding Low-E coating to your impact windows, you can block up to 99% of UV rays and protect your furniture, floors, walls, and more from the harmful effects of the sun while making your home more energy efficient and cost-effective.

At Storm Solutions, we carry and install Energy Star-approved brands proven to significantly reduce cooling and heating costs. For more information on our Low-E glass impact windows, contact us today.

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