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Looking to Replace Your Windows in Florida? It’s Best to Do It in the Winter!

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jan 31, 2017 9:01:37 AM

We’d venture to say that there’s nowhere better to be than Southwest Florida when Old Man Winter takes its toll on our friends in the north. We’re lucky to have sunshine for the majority of the year, and our winter is very temperate. In fact, it’s so appealing that our population swells with “snowbirds,” or seniors who flee the cold for our warm sunshine, as well as vacationers eager to see the sun after months of cold.

Yes, we’re sure you know that we’re fortunate to enjoy the warm weather during the winter months, but did you know that our winter is the perfect time to replace your windows? It’s true! Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should consider updating your windows during Southwest Florida’s temperate winter.

  1. There’s not much rain in the winter. While summers in Fort Myers average around 30” of rain, we only get just over 5” in the winter. Wow! That’s a big difference! Window replacement in Fort Myers is a lot easier to accomplish quickly and efficiently when we’ve got a good stretch of dry weather, and the winter is the driest part of the year.

  2. Hurricanes are less likely to happen in the winter. Hurricane season is typically from August to October, with the peak month for the storms happening in September. With that in mind, it’s ideal to install your windows between November and February. Hurricanes are rare in the winter, which isn’t to say that they don’t happen, but they’re far less likely to occur than they do in the late summer and early fall.

  3. The temperature is cooler. Let’s face it; replacing windows is hard work. And hard work is that much harder when it’s very hot and humid outside.  Winter’s more pleasant temps make window replacement a much easier job for our installation team. Ask yourself: would you rather replace windows when it’s 76 degrees outside, or when the thermometer soars over 90? You’re more likely to have temperate weather in which to replace home windows in Naples, Florida when you’re working in the winter.  

  4. The wait for delivery and installation is shorter. Here’s an interesting fact: it can take up to four weeks longer to get your replacement windows delivered and installed during hurricane season, due solely to high demand for hurricane windows, particularly if a storm is brewing. Unfortunately, if the storm has been forecasted, it’s already too late! Instead, plan ahead to replace your windows with sturdy hurricane windows in the off season, ensuring that your windows will be safe should the worst occur. Plus, you won’t have to wait for a month (or more) to enjoy your new windows!

Are you convinced that winter is the ideal time for window replacement in Fort Myers and the rest of Southwest Florida? With clear, cooler weather and a lower risk for hurricanes, not to mention the shorter wait time, it’s easy to see why you should take the opportunity to replace home windows in Naples, Florida as well as its surrounding communities. Contact us to discuss replacement windows today!

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