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Living through Hurricane Maria

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jun 28, 2018 10:30:54 AM

In 2017, Puerto Rico was slammed by two powerful Category 5 hurricanes in under a month; Hurricane Maria was the second hurricane, and the damage it caused to the island was devastating.

Hurricane Maria then skirted up the Atlantic coast of Florida, causing significantly less damage than it did in Puerto Rico solely because it did not make landfall, but rather stayed 450 miles off the coast.

Even if the hurricane doesn’t directly hit a community, it does not mean that the hurricane won’t cause a lot of damage. The eye of the hurricane is never what experts are worried about— in fact, the eye remains relatively calm. The area surrounding the eye, or the eyewall, is where the most dangerous storms and winds occur.

While there was not a direct hit from Hurricane Maria, Florida residents still had major cause for concern.

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Prepping for Hurricane Maria

As  Hurricane Maria inched closer and closer to Florida, residents watched with abject horror as Puerto Rico was hit yet again, just weeks after a powerful Category 5 hurricane had wrought catastrophic damage to the island. That storm, called Hurricane Irma, caused a wide path of destruction in Florida as well.

Knowing there was a possibility that Hurricane Maria’s path could lead to landfall in Florida, residents started to prepare.

Those who had relatives or friends inland who could offer them shelter closed up their homes and headed to safer ground. Those who chose to ride out the storm (so long as there were not mandatory evacuations) ensured they had ample food, filled prescriptions, and stocked up on water and batteries. Most residents in Florida have had enough experience with dangerous storms to know that preparation is key to riding out a hurricane.

Possible Impacts for Hurricane Maria

As Hurricane Maria advanced on the coast of Florida, meteorologists predicted several possible scenarios for the residents of Florida if the hurricane made landfall. Long lasting power outages were a possibility, which would mean no lights, air conditioning, or refrigeration for days, if not weeks. Residents on the coast could face significant flooding, leading to horrific damage to their homes and businesses. Emergency services would be delayed due to downed power lines and flooded streets.

Thankfully, Hurricane Maria’s path skirted up the east coast of Florida without making landfall. The impact on the residents of Florida were much less severe than those suffered by the island of Puerto Rico, who faced total destruction after Hurricane Maria slammed into it.


How Did Florida Residents Experience Hurricane Maria?

Fortunately for the residents of Florida, the actual storm was relatively calm. Swimmers were told to stay out of the water; off the east coast of Florida, there were 12-foot storm swells. Small boats were also advised to stay out of the Atlantic as the storm was passing.

Moderate beach erosion occurred and beach goers were advised to be aware of rip currents. The residents of Florida’s east coast considered themselves lucky after watching the devastation Hurricane Maria wrought on Puerto Rico, not to mention the struggles faced by their fellow Floridians on the Gulf side of Florida when they were hit by Hurricane Irma just weeks earlier.

Protecting Your Home

The path of hurricanes can never be predicted with absolute certainty. Often, the storm is incredibly close— too close— before forecasters know exactly what areas will be impacted the most.

With that in mind, it is incredibly important to always stay prepared during hurricane season. Having a bag of supplies and a plan for evacuations as well as an idea about when you should start preparing your property are all a good start. Your life and your loved ones lives are your first priority. If you need assistance to best protect your property, call Storm Solutions.

Storm Solutions is the most trusted hurricane protection company in Southwest Florida. Our services include:

  • Impact windows
  • Impact doors
  • Impact garage doors
  • Shutters
  • Hurricane screens
  • Folding glass walls
  • Glass lanais

Our glass is installed with the high velocity hurricane zone standards in mind. Our impact doors and windows are your home’s first line of defense during a hurricane. We have created a process that will not only ensure your home’s protection, but keep it stylish and elegant at the same time. Take a look at our new e-book for more ideas to help protect your family and call our customer service team to talk about how we can help you keep your property safe this hurricane season.


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