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Is Your Garage Door Hurricane Rated?

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on May 25, 2016 9:30:00 AM


In 2015, the North Atlantic hurricane season saw two major hurricanes, four hurricanes and a total of 11 tropical storms. This is an increase on years prior and with the number of annual tropical storms growing could concern homeowners. The importance of storm protection should not be ignored. Most homeowners know to protect their windows but often forget one big area of protection, their garage door. Is your garage door hurricane rated?

What is a Hurricane Rated Garage Door?

Otherwise known as reinforced garage doors, these stormproof products are designed with varying wind load requirements, depending on the location. Designed for impact resistance, they have inner strength and outer beauty. A hurricane rated garage door should meet the local international building codes (IBC) in your area. If you are curious if your garage door is hurricane rated, contact a storm protection professional to find out. An on-site inspection will be performed to determine what door(s) you may need.

Why is a Reinforced Garage Door Important?

Garage doors that are un-reinforced are likely to buckle when high winds and storms happen. Door failure can be avoided and you can improve overall safety and peace of mind when you protect buildings and other structures. Curb appeal does not have to be sacrificed when reinforced garage doors are installed.

Approximately 80 percent of damage caused to properties following a storm or hurricane will occur due to poorly-fitted or weak doors. A garage door collapse can change the air pressure in your home, giving the storm the ability to take the roof off your home.

The chances of dents caused by storm-blown debris and garage door penetration occurring will lower dramatically once a registered engineer and architect examines your property and fits suitable hurricane defense doors.

The Costs Associated with Storm-Proof Home Technology

The cost to fit your home with hurricane resistant garage doors will be saved in the long-run due to the protection of more severe storm damage. It’s not worth side-stepping home storm protection when you find out is your garage door isn’t hurricane rated.

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