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Impact Doors vs. Average Doors

Posted by John Lemonakis on Nov 21, 2022 1:40:42 PM

The front door of your home should be secure, private, and protective. For SW Floridians, we know that hurricanes are an inevitable part of life. That’s why impact protection against hurricanes is also a necessary benefit of our front doors.

Hurricanes cause immense damage to homes. The final financial estimates from Hurricane Ian’s wind and flood damages are as high as $70 billion.

So what makes impact doors that much better against hurricanes than average entry doors? We answer this question and give you all the benefits below.


Impact Doors vs. Average Doors

There are a lot of crucial differences between average front doors and impact front doors. First, let’s go over what each one offers:


Average Doors

Average doors, otherwise known as “builder’s standard doors”, withstand minor security threats, but don’t protect against serious threats, like hurricanes and inclement weather.

Builder’s standard doors have two sheet metal panels surrounding an insulating filler. The frames are typically composed of wood, aluminum, or a combination of both, which don’t hold up well against heavy rain and high winds. These materials are more likely to crack during storms, which can cause the entire door frame to break and damage the inside of your home.


Impact Doors

Unlike average front doors, impact front doors have been tested, approved, and built to protect against extreme weather conditions using resistant materials such as:

  • Fiberglass skins with a polyurethane core that doesn’t warp or distort from weather changes.
  • Reinforced hinges.
  • Customizable door frames made of resilient materials.

Furthermore, our doors are tested to ensure they won’t shatter against high-speed winds, dangerous debris, or heavy rains. Glass on average doors will break if debris makes impact at high speeds, whereas impact-resistant or laminated glass will withstand. 


Impact Glass Door Protection

Storm Solutions offer top-of-the-line impact entry doors that follow every South Florida building code and pass the toughest tests. In fact, our brands test all their doors by launching at them a 9lb 2x4 building stud going 35mph!

Our doors pass the Miami-Dade High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Test and withstand Category 5 wind speeds over 150 mph.


Types of Impact Entry Doors For South Florida

Impact doors not only protect your home from hurricane damage, but they also offer many other benefits and complement a variety of styles. Configurations include: 


Fiberglass Impact Doors

These hurricane impact doors imitate a natural look and have plastpro fiberglass that doesn’t warp, rot, rust, or dent from severe weather conditions, unlike wood or steel.

Fiberglass doors are also energy-efficient because they have a heat and cold-resistant lining that keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

These doors are more than functional. With a blend of composite jambs, trim, and stainless steel hinges, our fiberglass doors offer a lot of aesthetic value for any Florida homeowner.


Aluminum Impact Entry Doors

For more modern industrial-style homes, our aluminum hurricane impact doors are the perfect combination of sleek and strong.

These entry doors have extruded aluminum frames fastened at each corner for superior strength.

Similar to our fiberglass doors, our aluminum doors are also rust-free due to PGT’s corrosion-resistant hardware that prevents water damage and maximizes structural integrity.


Impact French Doors

Our impact french doors are beautiful and viable options for protecting your patio or backyard entrances against hurricanes and severe outdoor elements.

They are also configurable to swing into or out of your home. Furthermore, there are several customizable options to fit your personal needs.


Impact Sliding Doors

For smaller spaces with a classic style, impact-resistant sliding glass doors can add a unique touch. We also offer a variety of different options to match your room style, ranging from a traditional to a contemporary look.

In addition to having hurricane-proof glass, many of our impact french doors come with:

  • Commercial-grade deadbolts.
  • Tandem stainless steel rollers with precision bearings.
  • Resilient polyvinyl butyral that’s wedged between two thick pieces of glass.


Make Your Average Doors Exceptional With Storm Solutions

For every Floridian, preventing hurricane damage without sacrificing aesthetic value is ideal. With impact glass doors, you protect your home and keep it stylish.

Ready to upgrade your entry door to an impact door? Storm Solutions offers a wide variety of styles and colors, with and without decorative glass. Contact us today to learn more!

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