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Why to Choose our Entry & Garage Doors for your Home’s Hurricane Protection

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Nov 15, 2018 11:24:21 AM

When a hurricane strikes, high winds, rain and debris can enter your home—or business— through a number of ways. Sometimes, they barrel right through your front door! Once an opening like this is made, your space is left exposed, destroying your possessions and threatening the safety of your family or employees.

Explore our hurricane doors, in all shapes and sizes, to ensure you have the impact-resistant security you need, when you need it the most.


Our Doors are Storm-Ready

Our impact doors are significantly different from traditional doors. We trust renowned brands like CGI and ThermaTru— just to name a few— who put their doors up to some extreme tests, such as launching a 9 pound, 2x4 building stud at 35 miles per hour at their doors!

A builder-grade door can’t keep these kind of projectiles at bay, but ours can. That’s because our doors also boast the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance, complying with Florida building codes and guaranteeing improved safety.


We Offer a Variety of Options

You may not realize just how many doors you have: from your front and back entryways, to your sliding glass doors or big garage doors. Living in Florida, you need the proper protection against inclement weather, home-wide.

We’re offer storm doors of all varieties:

Hurricane-Safe Fiberglass Entry Doors

What makes our fiberglass doors so powerful is their impact-resistant materials, specially engineered to withstand the force of flying objects, while maintaining unbreakable form. Unlike real wood which can warp or rot, our plastpro impact doors imitate the natural look you love, with a longer life-expectancy. Plus, they don’t dent or rust like steel.

But that’s not all. These doors are also energy-efficient, lined with an exceptional heat and cold-resistant material that helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer— many boasted Energy Star ratings. Combined with our attractive composite jambs, trim and stainless steel hinges, these doors are both stylish and functional for any Florida homeowner.

Storm-Resistant Aluminum Entry Doors

For those with a modern industrial eye, our storm-resistant aluminum doors are the perfect combination of sleek and strong. In fact, our extruded aluminum frames are mechanically fastened at the corners for added strength.

No need to worry about rust damage either. PGT’s corrosion-resistant hardware provides a lifetime of water-resistance,  durability and structural integrity.

Weather-Proof French & Sliding Doors

For doors that are made primarily of glass, such as French or sliding glass doors, it’s crucial for Florida homeowners to choose impact-resistant protection. Rest assured knowing the entrance to your patio or backyard is safeguarded against hurricanes and other outdoor elements with CGI products and our other trusted brands.

In addition to boasting hurricane-proof glass, many of these doors come with commercial grade deadbolts, tandem stainless steel rollers with precision bearings and more for above and beyond protection.

Heavy-Duty Garage Doors

Full-size glass garage doors still stand strong in Florida. We trust companies like SIW for their praiseworthy hurricane-impact glass and aluminium garage doors. These remarkable doors come in various faces, featuring wide panels that have been proven to resist winds travelling at 210 to 390 miles per hour.

Increase the value of your home or business, improve your appearance and safety and save on heating and cooling bills with one of these approved doors by the state of Florida.


We’ve Got You Covered

A wide selection of our doors come with a lifetime warranty, including our Therma-Tru fiberglass doors. This is one of the most comprehensive warranties of its kind for storm doors, and we’re proud to keep you secure for years to come. Ask us about our replacement policies for more information.

Ready to make the next step? Request a free in-home estimate. We’ll visit your home or business, measure your spaces and help you choose the best door or doors for your needs.

Contact us at (239) 431-3190, today.

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