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Hurricane Shutter Pricing Guide

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jul 25, 2019 10:11:06 AM

Pricing: Storm Panels, Shutters & Screens, Cheapest to Most Expensive

You’re shopping for hurricane protection for your windows— and you’re in the right place. While strength, functionality and aesthetics certainly play a huge role in making your decision, cost is often the first thing many consider when choosing impact-safe window treatments.

Let’s look at the most common hurricane window covers, from lowest cost to highest, to help you find the most affordable protection for your needs:

Storm Panels

Storm Panels: $5-15 sq ft

For the most part, storm panels are the least expensive form of hurricane protection for safeguarding windows. 

There are a few reasons why the cost of panels is often so low:

  1. Storm panel materials aren’t as costly to get/as complex to make as, say, shutters or screens. Typically, storm panels are made out of steel, aluminum or a clear/white plastic.

  2. Storm panels aren’t fixed features. They can be removed and don’t need costly hardware or framing to secure.

  3. Storm panels don’t have many upgrades. They don’t offer additional functionality like motorized storm shutters— helping to reduce the cost.

Here at Storm Solutions, our storm panel costs varies depending on the material you choose. Steel panels average around $5-10 a square foot while Lexan clear plastic or aluminum panels run roughly $10-15 sq ft. 

Discover the benefits of choosing storm panels or view our stock.

Accordion Shutters: $15-20 sq ft

Accordion shutters collapse and fold like an accordion and glide on wheels. 

They can be made out of steel or aluminum, like storm panels, but accordion shutters become a little more costly because:

  • Accordion shutters are permanently installed. They require a roller-carriage system/ window track, which they slide open and closed on.

  • Accordion shutters can have a lock system. Some accordion shutters come with a center handle and key lock on the inside or outside of the treatment. This can help to reduce the chance of theft.

Our accordion shutters cost between $15-20 a square foot, depending on the vertical slat size or stacking option you choose.

Learn more about our accordion shutters here and discover why shutters in general are such a popular form of hurricane protection for Florida homes and businesses.

Atlas Armor Gladiator Screen

Hurricane Screens: $20-30 sq ft

Hurricane screens are often a better option for larger openings like lanais, pools or store fronts. 

Impact screens help to ensure visibility isn’t completely blocked to the outside, but still pack a mighty punch for being such a thin barrier. Our hurricane screen is still tested like any other hurricane product, with high velocity simulations

 With hurricane screens, you pay for a few added perks:

  • Some hurricane screens offer multi-purpose functionality. Of course the screen functions as a hurricane guard, but many screens can also serve as UV deflectors and insect deterrents.

  • Hurricane screens can be motorized. Your screens can open and close on command instead of needing to manually crank. This added luxury comes with an additional price tag. Here at Storm Solutions, it’s an extra $600.

Because of these features and the special Twitchell OmegaTex fabric our screens use, this storm protection will cost you around $20-30 per square foot. 

Read up on our hurricane screens here and see what sets our chosen brand, Atlas Armor, apart from other storm screens.


Roll Down Shutters: $25-35 sq ft

Roll down shutters work well for large openings near a lanai, pool or in place of a garage door. They’re also popular choices for smaller windows that offer room for a panel box above the frame, which the shutters collapse into when contracted.

This type of hurricane shutter is considered a heartier storm solution than some other options discussed because:

  • Higher-strength materials. Our Bertha™ roll down aluminum shutters extend beyond your window treatments needs, with quality aluminum alloy doors.


Our line of hurricane roll down shutters are priced between $25-35 a square foot and are probably our best seller!

Continue researching our roll down shutters here.

Bahama Shutter

Bahama Shutters: $40-50 sq ft

Bahama shutters are desired primarily for their elevated aesthetic: they often look much nicer and blend into your home’s design than other hurricane window treatments. These permanently affixed shutters are mounted above your windows and can open at a 45 degree angle. 

Bahama hurricane shutters are the most costly of these window treatments because:

  • Bahama shutters offer permanent shade protection. Even when cracked open, your home will always be shielded against Florida’s intense sunshine.

  • Bahama shutters are considered the most stylish. Oftentimes, the aluminum slats are painted to mimic a more earthy, wooden look that less “industrial” than other storm solutions. 

As the most highly desired hurricane window treatment, bahama shutters cost between $40-50 a square foot. 

Discover Everything You Need to Know About Bahama Shutters or ask us about our inventory

Extend Your Hurricane Protection

While hurricane window treatments can do an excellent job shielding your windows from debris, should they be comprised, you need a strong glass to protect you from intrusion.

Are you curious to see how much it would be to replace your current windows with impact glass? We have a calculator just for you.

Learn more about our impact window pricing guide and get an instant quote using our Window Pricing Calculator. 

Hurricane Guide

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