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Hurricane Protection On A Budget

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jan 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Protecting your Southwest Florida home from damaging winds, driving rain, and flying debris that often accompany a tropical storm or hurricane doesn’t have to break the bank— nor does it have to take up precious garage or shed storage space, like plywood panels or more costly shutter systems do.

If you are looking for a hurricane protection solution that is budget-friendly and easy to store when not in use, hurricane screens may be the best choice for you.


What is a Hurricane Screen?

Hurricane screens are versatile, specialized fabric panel systems that attach on the outside of windows, porches, balconies – virtually any open space that you would like to protect from potential damage from wind and flying debris. The screens are transparent; so, if you are home while a storm event is occurring, you can still see out – you do not have that “trapped in a dark cave” feeling.

Armor Screen, installed and sold by Storm Solutions, have been tested to withstand the strongest storms; tested up to 276 MPH and can survive multiple large missile impacts without failure. This strength has earned Armor Screen the approval of the Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Codes, some of the toughest approvals to achieve.


What Types of Budget Friendly Hurricane Screen Systems are Available?

Grommet System

The grommet system is the most economical of the hurricane screen systems. Rubber grommets attach the screen to the outside of the window, door, or open lanai/balcony area. Panel mates or sidewalk bolts with anchors, are placed around the openings for the grommet screens. The grommet system can have zippers installed on door panels for easy entry and exit. The panels pack away in bags for easy storage when not in use.

This system is easy to deploy, but keep in mind the accessibility of higher windows and balconies – you’ll need a tall ladder available to deploy the screens, as this type of system can’t be deployed from inside the building.

Buckle & Strap System

The strongest, most versatile of hurricane screen systems, buckle & strap systems attach to the outside of the window, using a belt-like system of tie downs to hold the fabric secure. The buckle & strap screen system can also have zippers placed for easy entry and exit - without taking down a whole panel.

Like most other hurricane screen systems, they pack away for easy storage when not in use. While they are relatively easy to deploy, like with the grommet system, you’ll have to consider how you’ll install them on upper floors and tall windows, and be prepared with a tall ladder.

Hemcord System

The hemcord system utilizes a c-channel track installed around the window, allowing the screen to slide into place with ease by sliding the attached cord through the track. The hemcord system is easily deployable from the inside of your home, making this an ideal solution for taller buildings with operable windows.

This system is versatile and easy to use, allowing those that cannot or do not want to climb a tall ladder to install with ease. While easy to use, the hemcord system is at the higher end of the budget friendly price range, and you’ll need to have the c-channels permanently installed on the building.


Ready to protect your home with budget-friendly hurricane screens? Contact Storm Solutions for more information and a free quote today!

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