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Hurricane Impact Doors Combine Style & Safety

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Nov 15, 2013 2:17:00 PM


If you're getting ready to replace your home’s current entry doors with hurricane impact front doors, the function is important. But that's not the only thing you should consider. 

We can help you learn how to choose the best impact doors, so your home is well-protected and beautiful at the same time.

What Are Hurricane Impact Doors?

Hurricane impact doors are exactly what they sound like. They are doors specially designed to provide extra protection in the event of a hurricane by stopping the wind from forcing entry into your home. They are extremely strong, so a wind-borne object will not be able to break through the door and enter your house.

With all the debris that can become airborne during a hurricane, and the speed at which it can travel, having hurricane impact doors can keep your home much safer.

Learn more about what makes impact doors and glass different from traditional doors and windows here.

Fiberglass vs. Aluminum Hurricane Impact Doors

One of the first choices you need to make is whether to choose fiberglass or aluminum entry doors.

Aluminum impact doors require little maintenance and are quite strong. Although they don't rust, it's not uncommon for aluminum to oxidize, especially in our humid climates and the Southwest Florida communities located on the Gulf coast.

If you choose aluminum for your hurricane doors, it's important to wipe off the white oxidation residue that can sometimes appear. Ignoring this residue could eventually cause pitting damage to the door.

Fiberglass hurricane impact-rated doors are a less expensive option and are virtually maintenance-free. Also, fiberglass doors are the doors with the most options for decorative glass. Many manufacturers of aluminum doors do not offer decorative glass.

Both fiberglass and aluminum hurricane impact patio doors and front doors can provide the beautiful look of wood, without the regular maintenance that wood requires. They can also be painted, which can help update the look of your home without redoing the entire door.

Regardless of what material you choose for your entry door, either one can be fitted with beautiful impact-rated glass side panels to let light into the interior of your home. Coupled with hurricane French patio doors, you can have a great look and a lot of protection and peace of mind.

Choosing a Style Your Patio Doors

When you're choosing hurricane impact-rated glass doors for your patio, you can choose from classic storm-safe French doors, sliding doors, and even accordion-style folding glass doors that can bring beautiful Florida outdoors directly into your home. 

Hurricane-safe folding glass walls are folding-style doors that fold left, right, or are split down the middle panels to create a unique opening glass wall that is a great fit for patios and enclosed porches.

Impact-rated sliding doors often come with a screened door that can be pulled closed, which is ideal if bugs are an issue, or you have pets to keep inside. If you enjoy opening up your home to the outdoors, you can choose sliding glass doors that can open up a whole wall.

Storm-safe French doors provide a more classic and sophisticated appearance that many potential home buyers love. The ROI for whole sliding or folding glass walls often isn't enough to justify the investment. However, impact-rated French or sliding glass doors will help to receive the wind mitigation credit on your homeowner’s insurance and can make your home stand out in the minds of potential buyers.

Why Professional Installation is Vital for Hurricane Doors

Hurricane impact front doors and hurricane impact patio doors are there to protect your home from flying debris and damage. This is why it's vitally important that you choose a qualified contractor to install them.

If you're interested in learning more about hurricane impact front doors and French doors in Southwest Florida, our team at Storm Solutions can help. We serve the Naples/Marco Island and Cape Coral/Fort Myers area and the surrounding cities and offer a no-obligation consultation.

Ready to get the information you need about hurricane impact doors? Call us today at (239)-288-0894 or request an estimate to get started on great-looking hurricane impact doors for your home.

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