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How to Prevent Water Intrusion in Hurricane Windows

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Aug 29, 2019 5:03:43 PM

It’s easy to assume that all hurricane impact windows should be waterproof; afterall, they need to keep storms from shattering glass and rain and debris from entering your home.

However, while these windows have weather-proof strips and specially sealed parts, no window is waterproof— rather, storm windows are impact and water-resistant.

Don’t let moisture ruin your home and safeguard your impact windows against water intrusion. Here are a few ways to prevent leaking windows, straight from the professionals at Storm Solutions:

Look for hurricane windows tested against wind pressure, not water volume. 

hurricane windows

It’s easy to assume that hurricane windows are tested for their storm readiness by spraying them with a ton of water, but this isn’t exactly the case. Water is indeed used in the simulations, but the force of the water is actually the important factor, not the volume of liquid.

While researching impact windows, read up on what kinds of tests your window has passed. Ensure they were tested against various velocities, comparable to all categories of hurricanes

When talking about over 100 mph winds, water can squeeze into ill-designed windows, so be sure your choice can handle almost anything! 

Seal any cracks or openings.

If you notice that your old impact windows are showing wear, don’t push off repair. Here in Florida, storms can blow through unexpectedly, and it’s very important to address any problems as they arise.

Seal any gaps or cracks that you see around your window sills with caulk. You can even install a thin metal strip of flashing to avoid water intrusion; but only do so if you have experience. Sloppy jobs can lead to water damage and can even involve full window replacement.

Check out our other article all about preventing water intrusion for sliding glass doors for similar tips and tricks on sealing your windows, which apply to both impact glass and sliding doors.


Choose the right brand.

Just like any product, it’s better to trust a big, reputable brand than risk it with a cheap or unestablished hurricane window producer. These experienced craftsmen will have put their windows to the test and evolved their product with years of experience and feedback.

Purchasing your impact windows from trusted developers like PGT or Origin helps to ensure your product will keep water and the elements out, effectively. Learn more about the best storm window brand here.

Pair your windows with other hurricane protection treatments, like shutters.

Although your impact windows will be tested to withstand all types of Florida hurricanes, one way to prevent water intrusion is to double-duty your protection. Even storm-proof glass can benefit from a second layer of covering, like hurricane shutters or panels.

Different types of shutters, like Accordion shutters, are quite attractive and affordable. Check out our storm window treatment pricing post to get an idea for the cost and read more about our diverse selection of hurricane shutters.

Have a professional frequently inspect your windows and storm solutions.

Storm Solutions

Just like anything you buy, it’ll last longer with proper care. Storm windows and hurricane protection products can require routine maintenance to ensure they don’t lose their effectiveness or show serious signs of wear.

While every product will have a warranty, different parts of your window will vary in their eligibility. For instance, some of our PGT frames are covered from anywhere from three years to a lifetime, while our hardware, screens or moving parts differ too. 

That’s why it’s so important to have your windows inspected at least annually by a trained professional, who can spot small stress cracks in the glass you might miss or to ensure your frame is free of blistering, chipping, cracking, peeling, corroding or pitting to prevent unwanted leaking.

Bye Bye Leaking Windows

Part of your hurricane readiness should involve checking your windows, and preventing water intrusion is a smart first step.

Our team at Storm Solutions is here for installation, maintenance and inspection to keep your impact glass in hurricane-ready condition. 

Not convinced you need hurricane windows? Download our 12 Things to Know About Impact Windows ebook to discover all the benefits of installing storm-safe glass.

Explore our impact windows services page or give us a call at (239) 288-0232 to get the courteous and timely help you need today.

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