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How to Create the Perfect Screened in Lanai

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jan 5, 2018 4:07:26 PM

While most of the country is hunkering in for hibernation, winter and spring are great times to be outside in Southwest Florida.

The warm, sunny afternoons and crisper, cooler nights just call for outdoor living. Adding a screened lanai will add value and style to your home, giving you extra space to entertain and relax without fear of bugs, falling leaves, or other undesirable debris bothering you or your guests.

Regardless of your personal style, the size of your space, or if you have a pool to cover, here are some things to keep in mind when creating your perfect screened lanai:


Nail Down Your Needs

There are many things to take into consideration when planning your screened-in lanai. Will you be creating a space from scratch with no existing covered porch or poured concrete patio pad in place? Do you have a pool that needs to be enclosed as a part of the lanai? What will you use the space for – purely lounging or as an outdoor dining area? Is your private space visible to neighbors and passers-by.

Answering these questions will help determine everything from the type of structure you will construct, the kind of screen that should be used, to the furnishings you will want to add once the space is completed.

Settle on a Structure

Full-screen lanais and pool “birdcages” can be completely customized to your space. You should have an idea of the structure you prefer before calling an installation professional, whether it is simple sketches or a full Pinterest board of ideas.

Storm Solutions can create just the right structure for your needs, one that will be both beautiful and strong, giving you peace of mind and a peaceful space. A specialist can come to your home and provide a free estimate for your lanai or pool cage.

Determine Your Type

With different types of screen available for specific purposes, designing an extraordinary screened-in lanai isn’t quite as simple as tacking up a few rolls of whatever window screen you find at the home improvement store. Here’s an idea of just a few kinds of screen available:

  • Privacy— If privacy is your main consideration, at least some of your screened-in space should be covered with Florida Glass, a type of vinyl-laminated fiberglass screen that keeps grass clippings, bugs, and other debris – as well as prying eyes – out. This type of screen is very durable but doesn’t allow much by way of air flow.

  • Strength— Worried about wind, debris, pet, or even golf ball resistance? You’ll want to choose Super Screen. Super Screen is perfect for pool enclosures and lanais, especially for those with pets, children, or homes on golf courses. Super Screen can even block up to 50% of the sun’s damaging UV rays – saving your skin and your furnishings.



Fill in the Details

Once you have your beautiful new screened-in lanai installed, you will want to fill that blank space! Outdoor furnishings are available in every style and price range. From simple, lightweight PVC table-and-chairs setups to elegant, modern woven seagrass loveseats and coffee tables and everything in between. Consider the regular use of the lanai when choosing your furnishings. Sturdy, low-slung seating may be best if children will be regular patrons, where a wet bar and bar-height stools make for an instant party atmosphere for an older crowd.

When furnishing your lanai, think about details like using large potted plants and outdoor compatible rugs to create separate visual spaces. Other details to keep in mind are storage spaces – where will you stow those extra throw pillows or spare table linens? – and climate control – will you install fans to move the air in the summer heat or add a propane fire table for cozy winter nights? Once you have all these pieces in place, your perfect lanai is ready for entertaining or a simple night in.

If you are ready to start creating your perfect screened in lanai or pool enclosure, contact Storm Solutions for a free in-home estimate today!


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