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How Hurricane Roll Down Shutters with End Retention Work

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on May 25, 2021 1:49:28 PM

The hurricane shutter industry is constantly developing more effective protection against wind damage and blunt force damage in compliance with tougher International Building Codes (IBC) and Florida Building Codes (FBC). 

One way manufacturers strengthen shutters to withstand wind is by adding vertical storm bars: aluminum braces attached to the shutter to give it additional support. While storm bars are needed to meet the Miami-Dade codes and strengthen the shutters, they are not very attractive, especially on roll-down shutters, which are often used to cover wide spans. 

But when it comes to high-grade storm systems, strength is more important than aesthetics. Yet, no one wants to put an ugly window covering over their home— no matter how functional it is. That’s why hurricane shutter manufacturers worked to develop a new kind of storm shutter, one with a little thing called “end retention” to give your coverings the strength they need (without clunky bars). 

Swapping Unsightly Bars for a Hidden Locked Track

The newest generation of Florida Building Codes-approved roll-down shutters offers end retention, wherein the slats of the shutters are locked into heavy-duty tracks on each side.

All roll-down shutters pull up the slats within a track. However, end retention products use a series of slat lock clips, fastened to the extruded aluminum slats, to secure their placement within the track. This system offers greater wind protection without needing unattractive storm bars.

When force— in the form of heavy hurricane winds or flinging debris— hits the storm shutter, you can rest assured knowing that your unit will stay firming locked inside of your window frame. It’ll bow in without breaking.

In the extreme event that a high category storm damages your shutter, it may compromise your end retention on one end. This doesn’t necessarily mean the second end will also be compromised, ensuring your window is still covered.

Curious to start window shopping? (No pun intended!) Here are 5 Things You Need to Know About Hurricane Shutters before purchasing any!

Choose Between Single or Double-Wall Slats

Roll down shutters are also typically available in both single or double-wall slats. 

The main difference is that the single slat has one front facing while the double-wall a front and a back. While single-wall slats meet Miami-Dade compliance, some home and business owners want advanced protection— beyond the bare minimum— for added peace of mind.

Additionally, double-wall slats are often the best choice for wide window spans where additional strength is needed to stop the structure from bowing from wind or blunt force impact. It’s one more wall of defense to prevent structural damage to the hurricane shutter.

Impressed by what you’re reading? See how much roll down hurricane shutters typically cost by checking out our Storm Shutter Pricing Guide post.

What Slat Size Means 

Depending on your needs, you can choose from 58 mm slats from our manufacturer, ASSA, or 55 mm slats from our manufacturer, Croci. 

Both manufacturers' products are FBC-approved and tested to withstand hurricane force winds up to 170 mph. They offer large spans of unobstructed view—up to 24 feet on 58mm and 23 feet for 55mm— End Retention Roll Downs are designed to protect windows, balconies, doors, lanais and are the perfect solution for single-family homes and high-rise condominiums. These shutters can be lowered and raised by the push of a button in a matter of seconds!

While hurricane shutters offer stellar storm protection, they’re still installed outside over your windows. Impact-safe glass, however, offers unobstructed views. Compare hurricane shutters to impact glass windows here

Sleek, Slimmer Storeaway

Roll down shutters with end retention typically offer a smaller bundle size than other standard roll up storm shutters; the sleeker radius of our slats allow the shutters to roll into a smaller hood, making them less noticeable when unengaged. 

Here at Storm Solutions, our tracks themselves are slimmer, yet stronger too, making our shutters more compact and more reliable.

Calculate the True Cost of Installing Roll Down Shutters

Here’s the bottom line: roll down shutters with end retention are a far more attractive option than traditional roll downs— yet, they are just as reliable. In fact, they are stronger and will better protect your home.

Nonetheless, purchasing roll down shutters is a big decision. Get a hassle-free quote using our Window Pricing Calculator to calculate how much it’ll run you, per window, with installation from our team at Storm Solutions.

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