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How Armor Screen Can Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Oct 10, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Looking for a hurricane protection solution that doesn’t involve heavy plywood sheets and Tap-Cons, but aren’t sure you want permanently installed shutters? Maybe you have some extra large windows or openings like a lanai or balcony that make other solutions tricky, if not impossible. Enter Armor Screen, the original fabric hurricane protection.

What is Armor Screen?

Armor screen is a patented, transparent, lightweight but extremely strong fabric hurricane protection system. These flexible, fabric “shutters” can be custom made to fit any opening, from your standard home window to an entire condominium wrapped balcony, forming a protective barrier in places that have previously been open to the elements.

Fabric Hurricane Protection--Does it Actually Work?

Yes, as unlikely as it sounds, it works, and very well. Unlike other rigid shutters, Armor Screen uses a patented interwoven fabric design that protects your property from high winds, rains, and even large, flying debris. Armor Screen is Florida Building Code approved – in fact it is High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved, meaning it meets the strictest standards of South Florida’s Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Tested to withstand winds over 276 mph, and rated for large missile impact, that’s a resounding yes, they work.

What Makes Armor Screen Better?

Quite possibly the best feature of Armor Screen is its transparency. With traditional shutters, you are stuck in the dark, 24/7, until the storm passes. That can mean spending days feeling like you’re trapped in a dark box, not really knowing what’s really going on outside. With Armor Screen, you won’t even notice it’s there, even in the most violent of storms. Once your screen system is installed, you don’t have to worry about it – even if a storm rolls through. Rigid shutters must be replaced after an impact, where Armor Screen is design to allow debris to just bounce off, leaving the fabric unharmed, and ready for more abuse.  

Armor Screen is also versatile. When installed on a track or roll-down system, Armor Screen can also be used as a sun shade and wind screen for your lanai, balcony or covered porch.

Is Armor Screen Easy to Use?

Armor Screen is lightweight, easy to deploy system, even in the most basic, grommet system. Available in track and roll-down style options, Armor Screen systems can even be deployed from inside on multi-story homes. Deploying Armor Screen is simple and quick. Where some systems are pulled along a track, others attach with a grommet system – most homes can be protected within an hour by one person. The system is designed to be maintenance-free, unlike rigid shutter systems, that require regular maintenance to work properly.

While Armor Screen is easy to deploy, the mounting systems are extremely important to its strength and must be installed according to strict specifications. As a result, only qualified Armor Screen dealers, like Storm Solutions, are allowed to install them.

Contact Storm Solutions today to have an Armor Screen system designed and installed by our skilled technicians today!

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