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Enhance Your Home Or Business With Folding Glass Walls

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Nov 3, 2021 12:05:00 PM


We know you love the Florida climate and beautiful views, so why not experience them as much as possible? One option is to blend the interior and exterior by opening up your space to create the illusion of a large room that can be broken down into multiple rooms with glass doors. If this sounds like an idea you want to implement in your Southwest Florida home, you might be a good candidate for a folding glass wall.

With glass doors that fold left, right, or split right down the middle, a glass wall increases the unobstructed view of your property and expands the opening offered by a traditional sliding door. When made of impact resistant glass, a folding glass wall offers the protection you need during hurricane season in Florida while maximizing the joy you get from the climate.


The Benefits Of a Folding Glass Wall

Studies have shown that natural light streaming into a building has many benefits to the occupants, including creating a unique option for homeowners, producing an expanded look for open floor plans, and serving as a long-lasting, hurricane-proof investment. 

For retail spaces, consumers often see colors better in stores with natural light and tend to enjoy the shopping experience. 

Folding glass walls can provide a well-lit, natural experience for both homeowners, retail spaces, and more. 


Installation Options for Folding Glass Walls

The possibilities for creative installation to incorporate the benefits of a glass wall are endless. Here are just a few examples of how you could utilize a folding glass wall to improve your space:

  • Your exquisite ocean views are visible from your bedroom day and night.
  • In your car dealership, customers enjoy the open floor plan and you enjoy the convenience of easily being able to move cars in and out.
  • Students utilizing a school library that’s built on the corner of a structure and looks out onto a courtyard can enjoy a folding glass wall that can be opened to the outside.
  • Your new facility utilizes the ultimate in green technology by incorporating a glass wall system with Low-E, insulated, and tempered glass to help manage energy and control climate.
  • Your hotel has a large, bright space that can be subdivided with a folding glass wall and opened for a large crowd.


Folding Glass Wall Options In HVHZs

Glass walls are available in a wide array of sizes, frame materials, thresholds, and types (including impact resistant glass). They also are created to comply with the needs of both residential and commercial users. 

The panels are most often mounted from the top, so a top track carries the weight, while a floor track guides the door. When made specifically for areas in Florida within the high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ) and windborne debris areas, the doors offer weather seals to withstand extreme conditions, weather-stops, and a weep system to keep water out. They also feature laminated impact resistant glass and hardware designed for maximum structural performance.

To assure that the glass doors can withstand high wind conditions, they should have a DP, or design pressure, rating of 70, which is 20 points higher than doors recommended for use outside the HVHZ. These higher-rated glass wall options have passed all ASTM requirements, ensuring they meet Florida building code requirements for large missile impact, uniform static air pressure loading, cyclic wind pressure loading, water infiltration resistance, forced entry, and more. 


Call Storms Solutions, for Folding Glass Wall Options Today

For folding glass door design, installation, repair, and maintenance, contact Storm Solutions, Southwest Florida's top contractors for impact windows. Serving Naples/Marco Island, Fort Myers/Cape Coral, and Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda, we can retrofit your home with this attractive feature. We can also help you incorporate a folding glass wall into a renovation. 

Need help recovering from a storm? Storm Solutions can help with that, as well. For more information check out our website, or give us a call at (239) 288-2807 today. We're here to help you protect your home.

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