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Don’t Let your Garage Door be the Weak Point of Hurricane Protection

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Nov 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Hurricane-Rated-Garage-Doors-Fort-Myers.jpgWe talk about the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew quite a bit on this blog, but that’s because it taught us so much about hurricane protection. After the winds of Andrew settled, the people of south Florida were left to pick up 26 billions dollars worth of damage.

Lawmakers and citizens agreed homes needed better protection, so FEMA was commissioned to understand how the winds caused so much damage. Their studies revealed a surprising conclusion: garage doors were the home’s major weak points.

It’s All About the Pressure!

When it comes to hurricane protection, it’s all about the pressure. Many people think that hurricane protection is primarily used to stop water damage, but on the contrary, it’s used to prevent major differentiations in pressure. When a window or a garage door fails, wind rushes into the home. The wind trapped inside the home is suddenly at a higher pressure than the wind moving freely outside the home. It’s this pressure difference literally blows the walls out and the roof off.

Unprotected Garage Doors Leave your Home at Risk

Many homeowners take necessary steps to protect their home with Impact Glass and storm shutters. Few homeowners, on the other hand, take necessary steps to protect their garage doors. Remember, garage doors are the largest opening in the home, and is thus most susceptible to the dangers of pressure. Only a garage door that can withstand hurricane strength winds will protect your home.

More Than Just Wind Protection

If you’ve ever been in a tropical storm or a hurricane, you know it’s more than strong winds that will damage your garage door. Windblown debris and heavy rains can also put your home at risk. The best garage doors will stand up to a myriad of dangers:

  • Gusting Winds: Protect your home from even the strongest of wind gusts. Hurricane or tropical storm, you won’t have to worry.
  • Hurricane Winds: Florida has seen some nasty hurricanes over the years. Choose garage doors that will protect against sustained hurricane winds.
  • Pressure Changes: As we noted earlier, pressure is the real problem. When a major storm front moves in - and pressure changes in an instant - a regular garage door will be a structural weak point. A hurricane-proof garage door won’t buckle under the pressure.
  • Flying Debris: Flying debris is often the most dangerous part of a hurricane. Coconuts and rocks turn into bullets. Trees are ripped from the ground and tossed about at will. Hurricane protected garage doors will be safe against even this onslaught.

Choose Built-In Reinforcement

You can protect your garage door one of two ways. If you already have a garage door, you can purchase a reinforcement kit. With the kit, you’ll have to spend those last valuable minutes before a storm trying to install the support on your own… make sure you have a ladder and a friend handy!

If you chose built-in reinforcement, you’ll never have to worry about installing special protection. The reinforcement is built right into the structure of the door. You’ll never need to worry about installing heavy metal beams. The built-in reinforcement is popular with many renters and snowbirds in southwest Florida. When they trust their home to a guest or leave for the season, they never have to wonder if their home will be protected.

Ready to learn more about hurricane-proof garage doors? Don’t wait for the next storm! Call our team Storm Solutions today. We can come to your home and install a hurricane rated and attractive option for your garage door.

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