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Bringing the Outdoors in With Folding Glass Walls

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jul 23, 2018 12:21:00 PM

Living in Southern Florida has many benefits, but one of the best is our year-round sunny skies and warm weather. Many homeowners in Florida take advantage of the temperate climate by adding on outdoor living spaces. These are perfect for entertaining or enjoying a quiet evening relaxing at home.

With folding glass walls, you can extend your outdoor and indoor living spaces by fully opening up parts of your home to the warm Florida weather.


Luxurious Living

Folding glass walls open and close as easily as a door, allowing you to enjoy the morning breeze while still keeping out the afternoon heat or a thunderstorm. Imagine making your entire living room a lanai, or having your breakfast area completely open to your back patio. The possibilities of what a folding glass wall can do for your home are limitless.

Open floor plans are growing increasingly popular for modern homes. A folding glass wall is the epitome of an open floor plan. You can literally open up an outside wall of your home and blend the indoors and outdoors completely.

Safety First

Hurricanes are always a top concern for residents of Southern Florida. However, being prepared for the (inevitable) storms does not mean that you can’t create the outdoor living space of which you’ve always dreamed. Folding glass walls are specially made to stand up to high velocity hurricane zone weather. The glass walls will protect your home as well as standard walls.


Indoor Use

For indoor residential use, imagine opening up your office or living room fully to the rest of the house. Perhaps you have a room in the basement that would better serve your purposes if you could open it up more during parties or sleepovers for your kids.

For commercial use, folding glass walls can have many purposes. Perhaps you have a balcony as a part of your building. Wouldn’t it be spectacular if your office opened up fully to that balcony for holiday parties or for functions with clients. Your conference rooms could become a part of open space with a folding glass wall.

Creating a Lifestyle

Your home should reflect the kind of life you want to live. Blending the natural world into your home is good for your mind and body. The  feeling of exhilaration you get when fresh air fills your home after you open your windows can be extended many times over by a folding glass wall. If you live on the water, you’ll have the added benefit of extending your lanai and bringing the pleasure of the water into your home.

If you live in Southwest Florida, Storm Solutions is the number one installer of folding glass walls. We understand the lifestyle the residents of Naples, Cape Coral, Marco Island, and surrounding Southwest Florida cities strive for. Let us help you seamlessly blend your indoor and outdoor living.

If you are looking to delve even deeper into the indoor outdoor living, we create custom glass lanais as well. Storm Solutions can also help you create custom glass mirrors for your home, making rooms look larger and giving depth and elegance to a space. Further into your home, we can create glass showers, turning your bathroom into a masterpiece.

With our reputation for excellence in protecting your home with hurricane resistant windows and doors, you can trust our glass and mirror work is up to the same safety standards. Call our customer service today for your free consultation.

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