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Benefits Of Roll Down Shutters With End Retention

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Jan 3, 2014 4:35:00 PM

EMS-end-retention-roll-shutter-systemWhen you own a home in the Naples, Fort Myers, or Cape Coral area, you may enjoy your large beautiful windows, but when a tropical storm passes through, your main concern is that your home is protected. When windows break from hurricane force winds, air pressure inside your home rises and can cause your roof to fail, leaving your home open to additional wind damage and flooding.

To prevent this, consider a ground-breaking development in hurricane shutter technology: End Retention Roll Down Shutters.

The Ups And Downs Of Traditional Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll down shutters have always been an attractive option for homeowners, as they serve the additional functions of cutting down on the amount of sun and heat that enters your home and providing security while you're away or at night.

Given the seriousness of storms in Southwest Florida over the last 15 years, the hurricane shutter industry is constantly working to make shutters and other parts of the home more effective in combating wind damage, in compliance with tougher International Building Codes (IBC) and Florida Building Codes (FBC). One way manufacturers strengthen shutters to withstand wind is by adding vertical storm bars, aluminum braces attached to the shutter to give it additional support, especially on wider openings. While storm bars are needed to meet the Miami-Dade codes and strengthen the shutters, they are not very attractive, especially on roll down shutters, which are often used to cover wide spans.

What Are End Retention Roll Down Shutters?

The newest generation of Florida Building Codes-approved roll down shutters offers end retention where the slats of the shutters are locked into heavy-duty tracks on each side so they will not come out. All roll down shutters pull up the slats within a track, but end retention products use a series of slat lock clips fastened by stainless steel screws to the extruded aluminum slats, which secures placement within the track. This system offers greater wind protection without needing unattractive storm bars.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from 58 mm slats from our manufacturer, ASSA, or 55 mm slats from our manufacturer, Croci. Both manufacturers' products are FBC-approved and tested to withstand hurricane force winds up to 170 mph. They offer large spans of unobstructed view - up to 24 feet on 58mm and 23 feet for 55mm - End Retention Roll Downs are designed to protect windows, balconies, doors, lanais and are the perfect solution for single-family homes and high-rise condominiums, These shutters can be lowered and raised by the push of a button in a matter of seconds!

Bottom line: roll down shutters with end retention are a far more attractive option than traditional roll downs, yet they are just as strong they are stronger and will protect your home meeting the current Florida and Miami-Dade building codes equally well. Your investment will both survive the storm and be aesthetically pleasing.

Your Source For Roll Down Shutters

Storm Solutions is your Southwest Florida source for installation, service and repair of storm protection such as hurricane shutters, impact windows and doors and hurricane screens. When you want to protect your home with a durable product that also looks great, roll down shutters with end retention are your answer.

Like other types of hurricane shutters, these roll down shutters can be customized and painted to match your home's style. You can also choose from a variety of control options for opening and closing the shutters, including a wall switch, hand held remote and even a timer which is a convenient way to comply with sea turtle protection regulations. 

If you live in the Naples, Fort Myers, or Port Charlotte area in Southwest Florida, we would like to provide you with a no obligation consultation to learn more about roll down shutters with end retention. Just visit our website or give us a call at (239) 288-4430 to set up an appointment.

Storm Solutions is serving all of Southwest Florida, including the communities of Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Port Charlotte, and Punta Gorda.

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