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Benefits of Remodeling Your Bathroom with Frameless Shower Glass

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Apr 22, 2016 11:07:09 AM


Want to transform your bathroom from a basic space where you go when Mother Nature calls, into a palace for relaxation? If so, a renovation is a worthwhile investment. There are plenty of fresh bathroom remodel ideas to consider, with the shower enclosure being a good feature to focus on. The range of designs on the market today are broad, with the frameless option being very in right now.

Let's discover more about the ways in which spending money on these quality installations could be the best renovation decision you make.Here are the top seven benefits of remodeling your bathroom with frameless shower glass:

  1. Glass shower enclosures that are not framed will instantly give any bathroom a minimalistic and modern design. The clean-cut, smooth edges will compliment other areas of architecture, such as the sink, mosaic tiling and recessed tile shelving.
  1. You could use a mirror to reflect natural light around the bathroom and create the illusion of more space. Alternatively, you could get frameless glass shower enclosures fitted and allow light to circulate around your bathroom. Crafted only with glass, it can be customized to any size or shape and on an aesthetic level, this new addition to the bathroom will open it up and make it appear larger.
  1. The fact that these enclosures are frameless means that there is no particular material you need to carefully select to match the existing theme, colors and materials. As a result, you can remodel your bathroom with marble, granite, tile or any other material that tickles your fancy.
  1. One of the major benefits of remodeling your bathroom with frameless shower glass is the fact that it gives the space a timeless aspect. This aesthetic appeal will effectively increase property value, so you can make money back from your investment.
  1. Frameless shower doors can be fitted inside properties of any style or age. For example, the shower enclosure's design will flatter traditional cottages that feature wooden and stone details. Alternatively, these enclosures also work well with marble, granite and swanky surface materials.
  1. The ease of maintenance that comes with getting frameless shower doors fitted is not to be compared. By simply using a squeegee to remove soap scum after every shower, it is possible to keep the glass shiny and mark-free without worrying about chemicals damaging the frame, or collecting around the casing of the frame. There is also less chance of mold or mildew growing on a frameless shower door than on one with a frame.
  1. One of the final benefits of remodeling your bathroom with frameless shower glass is that the enclosure will take up less room, therefore it is the perfect choice for a small space. Unlike framed shower doors that tend to open outwards, frameless doors can be designed to open inwards.

When searching for someone to install frameless glass shower enclosures, gather quotes from a number of licensed and insured contractors. Be sure to ask about personalized services, as well as proof of previous projects and extra products that could enhance the bathroom's appearance (not to mention its functionality) furthermore than these benefits of remodeling your bathroom with frameless shower glass.

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