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Storm Solutions Blog

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7 Benefits of Impact Windows

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Room-by-Room Energy-Saving Tips for Your Florida Home

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The SWFL Hurricane Preparation Checklist

6 Myths About Hurricane Preparations & What You Should Do Instead

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How to Prevent Water Intrusion in Hurricane Windows

What Sets Our Atlas Armor Hurricane Screen Apart

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Hurricane Door Buying Considerations

Why Choose Storm/Hurricane Panels?

The Differences Between Tempered, Laminated & Hurricane Impact Glass

Things to Consider Before Tinting or Adding a Film to Your Hurricane Windows

What’s the Difference Between Category 1-5 Hurricanes?

The Best Rated Hurricane Impact Windows for Protecting Your Florida Home

10 Ways to Prepare Before a Hurricane Strikes

Why to Choose our Shutters for your Home’s Hurricane Protection

Choose our Impact Windows for your Home’s Hurricane Protection

Why to Choose our Entry & Garage Doors for your Home’s Hurricane Protection

How Hurricanes Impact Florida’s Environment: Erosion, Reef Damage & Habitat Loss

Hurricanes, Rain, Temperature: How Saharan Dust is Impacting Us in Florida

How Do Hurricanes Form?

Living through Hurricane Maria

Have You Considered a Glass Lanai?

Impact Doors vs. Average Doors

Do All Hurricanes Rotate The Same Way?

Hurricane 101: A Guide to Hurricane Terminology

What is Storm Surge?

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

What To Do During A Hurricane

Hurricane Protection On A Budget

How Secure Are Your Hurricane Windows?

How to Create the Perfect Screened in Lanai

Is Your House Hurricane Proof?

Is Your Garage Door Hurricane Ready?

DIY Impact Window Pricing Guide

Choosing the Right Window Glass for Your High-Rise Building

Why PGT Windows are Great Year-Round

How Armor Screen Can Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

Impact Windows: Everything You Need To Know

What to Look For in Hurricane Shutters

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Transform Your Bathroom Space With a Frameless Glass Shower

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Waterfront Property

Choosing the right storm shutters for your home

Two Ways To Upgrade Your Home In Preparation For Hurricane Season

Why you Should Consider Clear View Screens for Your Outdoor Space

Pavers: Upgrading Your Florida Home's Pool Deck

Standard vs. Impact-Resistant Windows: 5 Key Factors You Should Know

4 Reasons You Should Convert Your Screened-in Patio to a Glass Sunroom

How to Keep Your Home Safe During Hurricane Season

The Security Power of Impact Windows and Doors

Storm Solutions Acquires Local Blind Company

Looking to Replace Your Windows in Florida? It’s Best to Do It in the Winter!

Seven Lakes Retirement Community Upgrades To New Hurricane Windows

How To Maintain Accordion Shutters

Scrap The Plywood and Hurricane Panels - An Introduction to Roll-down shutters

Don’t Let your Garage Door be the Weak Point of Hurricane Protection

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5 Common Problems and Solutions for Sliding Glass Doors

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Wind & Impact Testing for Hurricane Windows

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Home Hurricane Protection Based On Price

Is Your Garage Door Hurricane Rated?

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Hurricane Season is Just around the Corner, Beat The Rush!

Why Vinyl Frames are More Energy Efficient Than Aluminum

Southwest Florida Property Management Companies Save Big When Partnering With Storm Solutions

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Why Waiting Until May to Start Hurricane Prep Will Cost You

Does Impact Glass Reduce Home Owners Insurance?

How to Clean Your Home's Impact Windows

Can Impact Windows Prevent Burglary?

5 Questions To Ask to Determine Your Risk of Coastal Storm Surge Damage

Current and Emerging Technologies in Hurricane Protection

3 Reasons to Ensure Your Windows are Low-E Glass

Preparing Your Home Inside and Out for a Hurricane

Understanding the Intensity of a Hurricane

5 Things You Need to Know About Hurricane Shutters

Should I Open My Windows During a Hurricane?

Hurricane Preparedness for Condominiums: Who is Responsible?

How to Prepare Your Home for Floods After a Hurricane

Installing Hurricane Protection on High-Rise Condominiums

How Do Hurricanes Get Their Names?

Which is Better: Low-E Glass or Tinted Window Film?

5 Ways You Can Help Your Community After a Hurricane

Is Your Condo Association Ready for Hurricane Season?

3 Hurricane Protection Products That Won't Change the Aesthetics of Your Condo Building

6 Tips for Developing Your Community's Disaster Plan

Can a Condo Association Require Unit Owners to Install Hurricane Protection?

It's Still Hurricane Season: Protecting Your Belongings During a Hurricane

Understanding Window Design Pressure in Southwest Florida

Protecting Your Garage Door From a Hurricane

How to Choose a Commercial Glass and Shutter Contractor

Choosing Hurricane Shutters for Your Home

Hurricane Protection Should Be Your First Priority

4 Easy Products to Protect My Home During a Hurricane

What are Hurricane Screens?

Top 5 Hurricane Myths Debunked

How to Prepare Your Home for a Hurricane

How to Maintain Your Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Enhance Your Home Or Business With Folding Glass Walls

Will Hurricane Screens Protect You In Strong Winds?

Consider National Hurricane Preparedness Week A Call To Action

Preparing Your Personal Documents In Case Of A Natural Disaster

Can Window Film Be Used For Hurricane Protection?

Vinyl Windows vs. Aluminum Windows – Which is Best for My Southwest Florida Home?

How To Choose A Hurricane Resistant Garage Door

How To Choose A Hurricane Protection Contractor

How To Choose The Most Energy Efficient Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Doors Combine Style & Safety

A Glass Enclosed Lanai With Impact Windows Adds Value To Your Home

4 Things to Consider When Deciding Between Hurricane Windows vs. Shutters

Motorized vs Non-Motorized Hurricane Shutters: What do I need to know?

Tips For Keeping Your Hurricane Shutters In Excellent Condition

6 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Install Your Hurricane Shutters