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5 Myths About Hurricane Preparations

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Nov 7, 2019 10:42:48 AM

It’s not just the deadliest of storms that you ought to prepare for, because even small storms can cause property damage. Since the year 1851, approximately 289 storms in North America have produced winds that have been considered hurricane-force.

Coastal states like Florida are at a high risk of being hit by the massive, destruction of hurricanes. Wind, rain, storm surges and debris are almost always a guarantee. While we can’t stop Mother Nature completely, we can take the necessary precautions to control certain elements of the storm. 

Many homeowners (both new and seasoned) often make damaging and dangerous hurricane mistakes before, during and after the storm. Unfortunately, these hurricane mistakes are based on untrue hurricane myths. 

Here’s what not to do during a hurricane:


What Not To Do During A Hurricane

Mistakes can be prevented with proper education and preparation. Don’t believe the myths you hear, as they can seriously harm you, your family and your home.

During a storm, never do the following:

  1. “Windows should be opened to stabilize pressure” – Another one of the hurricane mistakes homeowners often make is opening windows. This guarantees your home will have water damage as the rain will have a way to easily come into the home. However, this can put you at an incredibly high risk of having your roof torn off. Myths say that opening windows will help balance the pressure in the house, but this actually puts you at a high risk of having large damage costs once the storm passes.

  2. “Windows can be taped to prevent them from shattering”A popular myth is that taping your windows will prevent them from breaking. Not only is this incredibly untrue, it can also cause serious injury. When windows are taped, you risk creating larger shards if the window does in fact break. These large shards will be picked up and tossed around like other debris.

  3. “A hurricane won’t hit if I don’t live near the coast” – Although coastal areas may require rapid response more than inland areas, inland locations can still experience the aftermath of a hurricane, such as flooding from overflowing rivers, lakes and streams.

  4. “Putting force against a window or door will stop it from breaking” – This is most definitely a myth and it could put you at serious risk. If Mother Nature is going to bring threatening winds, don’t expect her to be gentle just because you are standing in the way. To reduce the chances of windows and doors breaking, make sure they are designed with tempered glass. If the wind is strong enough, the wind could rip off the door or break the window with or without something in front of it. You are more likely to be injured if you try to add force to a door or window.

  5. “Only glass facing water is at risk” -  Some people will assume that wind comes from the direction of the ocean but when a hurricane hits, it will be coming in all directions, as will flying debris.

  6. Make Assumptions: Making assumptions is one of the worst hurricane mistakes. Assumptions such as A) “I’m inland, so I won’t be impacted”, B) “The rain has stopped, so the storm must be over”, C) “The season has been quiet, so I won’t get his this year”, and D) “The wind is coming from the ocean, so I’m safe on the opposite side of the house” are dangerous to make. Most of the assumptions are innauracte and based on long time myths. A) Anyone in the path of the storm is at risk of devastation, high winds, and large amounts of rain. B) The lack of rain could simply mean you are in the middle of the eye. Storms are dangerous until the last band has exited the area. Even then, storm surges will still follow the storm. C) Until the season is over, any coastal state is still at risk of a devastating storm. D) Wind comes from all directions, so it’s best to stay away from all windows and exterior walls.


What To Do Instead

If you aren’t sure about the integrity of your windows or doors, ask a professional to come out and review them. If you don’t have hurricane rated windows or doors, a professional should take the proper measurements. If they aren’t offered tempered glass, you should thank them for their time and turn to a more reputable and knowledgeable company like Storm Solutions.

Insurance companies may offer incentives for homeowners who take additional measures to protect their home. It is in your best interest to ask before hurricane season arrives.

Any homeowner in the path of a hurricane should make any in these above mentioned hurricane mistakes and take the list of what not to do in a hurricane if they want to protect their health and home.

Don’t Make Common Hurricane Mistakes

Hurricane mistakes are easily preventable. This list covers what not to do in a hurricane to prevent damage to your home. Always be sure to have plenty of supplies to last after the storm in case you lose power. Make sure you are fully prepared for any storm by downloading our hurricane guide.

Hurricane Guide

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