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5 Considerations Before Choosing Vinyl Storm Windows

Posted by Jimmy Hawley on Nov 9, 2020 7:30:00 AM
5 Considerations Before Choosing Vinyl Storm Windows

You’re here to explore the benefits of choosing vinyl window frames. Maybe you’ve already done some research and like how vinyl windows are durable, offer lower heating and cooling costs, and are relatively low maintenance. 

Compared to aluminum windows, you’re definitely leaning towards vinyl— but as with any big purchase, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision.

In this post, we’re here to help you confirm if vinyl windows are a better choice over aluminum for your Florida home. Here are five things to consider before purchasing vinyl frames:

1. Are you sure you need new windows, or would new impact glass or window coverings do the trick?

Let’s get to the heart of why you’re looking for new windows. 

If you already have impact windows in your home that are still within their recommended lifespan— let’s say, with aluminum frames that you’re considering swapping for vinyl— it’s important to consider your other options before deciding everything must go. For instance, many homeowners can easily increase their energy-efficiency by upgrading their glass with UV-blocking properties. Or, a more cost-conscious option might be to install storm shutters over the windows if hurricanes safety is your most prominent concern. 

Before setting your sights on vinyl frames, ask a professional storm solutions installer if your best bet would be to totally swap out your frames, to only upgrade the glass, or to go with an alternative window covering option like shutters, panels, etc. Check out our article, 5 Questions to Help You Choose Between Impact Glass & Hurricane Shutters to dive deeper into these additional storm solution options. 

2. Do you want single, double hung or sliding vinyl windows?

What type of windows do you currently have in your home: single hung, double hung, or sliding-windows?

Single hung and double hung open vertically (or sometimes tilt out), while a slider vinyl window slides horizontally, like a sliding glass door. 

single hung vs. double hung windows - 5 Considerations Before Choosing Vinyl Storm Windows

The main difference between a single and double is that both sashes or panels are moveable and open on a double hung window, whereas only the bottom window pane can move on a single. Double panes can offer more airflow and outdoor visibility than single, while horizontal sliding windows are ideal for larger windows, where you have more side-to-side space to work with than your traditional tall, vertical window.

While these are your common window choices, here at Storm Solutions, we offer five different impact window options, including casement windows, which swing out, and fixed picture windows for areas where you never need to open your windows.

impact window options - 5 Considerations Before Choosing Vinyl Storm Windows

Learn more about the different types here.

3. Do you know what type of impact glass you’ll choose?

Impact windows usually come with tempered or laminated glass, which offer added strength benefits than traditional glass. When purchasing new windows, your installer is sure to ask which you prefer. Learn more about what differentiates impact glass from traditional windows here to know how to answer. 

Most storm windows manufactured for use in Florida also come with a unique Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), for both the window’s glass and its frame. Basically, the lower the rating, the better it will be at blocking the heat from the sun— which is a helpful thing to look into before chatting about your rating options.

In addition, you can add energy-efficient tints and UV-resistant films to impact glass to reflect heat energy. Check out our blog to choose the most energy-efficient windows here.

4. Have you researched the popular vinyl window brands?

As is the case with any product, certain brands stand apart for their reputation and brand trust.

When you're doing your research online, read reviews for the different manufacturers that are available. While you can typically find this information on the manufacturer's site, don't be afraid to read through forums and review sites as well. See what people are saying about their experiences with different manufacturers, and take note of any problems they may have experienced.

Choosing new vinyl windows for your home isn't an easy task, and since the cost can be quite significant, it's important that you take your time when deciding where to purchase it from once you settle on a brand. Here are some of the best rated hurricane impact windows on the market for protecting your Florida home to look at the big names in the industry.

5. Do you know a certified storm window installer?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying new windows is thinking that they can do it all themselves. While it may seem like an easy task to replace and install windows, the truth is that it's actually quite difficult.

When windows aren't installed correctly, they lose their strength and benefits, such their energy-efficiency, leaking costly air conditioning out and allowing Mother Nature in. 

Don’t compromise the structural integrity of your investment by skimping on the installation. Instead, choose a professional, certified storm window installer for long-lasting, reliable windows. 

Narrow Down Your Vinyl Window Options

Now that you’ve started to think deeper about vinyl windows, read more about why residents and business owners alike choose our impact windows at Storm Solutions for hurricane protection. (We’ll give you a teaster: it’s got a lot to do with our diverse, reliable selection and our praise-worthy installation).

Curious as to how much vinyl window installation might run you? Download our Impact Window Pricing Guide for instructions on how to properly measure your window openings and more. From there, you can use our hassle-free online window estimate tool or request a free in-home estimate from our team— and get yourself one step closer to upgrading your home’s protection and insulation. 

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